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Straight vs Curved Nail Clippers

Straight vs Curved nail Clippers

Have you ever tried cutting your nails using scissors? If you have, you might already know how difficult that is, and also, it makes your nails look very uneven. But nail clippers help to make this task much easier.

Before the nail clipper was invented, people would use small knives to trim their nails. The first mentions of nail trimming date way back to the 8th century BC. And the first US patent for a modern nail clipper dates back to 1876. But nowadays, nail clippers are much more modern and easy to use.

Made from aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic, nail clippers consist of a miniature file to manicure rough edges, and a head that is either straight or curved. Many people do not know the difference between the two types and often tend to mistake it to be the same. So straight vs curved nail clippers, what are they? and what’s their difference? Let’s take a look.

What are nail clippers?

A nail clipper is a type of beauty tool that many people use to help trim their nails and to keep them in shape. Many people use nail clippers to trim both their toenails as well as fingernails. When it comes to the shape, we can easily compare nail clippers to a small pair of pliers.

Nail clippers consist of either a straight or curved cutting edge. When pressure is exerted on the nail tip, it helps to easily cut it off. In comparison to scissors, nail clippers help to cut off your nails with just one click with less hassle.

Straight vs curved nail clippers- Their difference and benefits

To keep your nails groomed, it requires polish changes, upkeep, and most important of all, great tools. This includes even some of the most basic tools such as your nail clippers.

Most nail clippers look very similar to each other and it’s somewhat difficult to tell the real difference between them. But there might have been situations where you have noticed that some nail clippers have a curved cutting edge, whereas others have a straight cutting edge. So straight vs curved nail clippers, what’s the difference? Let’s take a look.

Though they may look similar, these two nail clippers are used for two different purposes and some nail clippers provide a sharper cut than others. Firstly, curved nail clippers are manufactured specifically for fingernails. Whereas straight nail clippers are made for toenails. Most people don’t know the difference and tend to use the same clipper for both toenails as well as fingernails.

But in most cases, professionals prefer using straight nail clippers in comparison to curved nail clippers. The reason is, many people use curved nail clippers to cut their fingernails because our fingernails are curved, but straight nail clippers work just fine when you use the multi nail cut clipping method.

And generally, straight nail clippers are much safe in comparison to curved nail clippers. This is because the edges of the curved nail clippers often tend to cut into the hyponychium which is quite painful.

But this does not mean curved nail clippers are all bad, the benefits of curved nail clippers are magnified especially when you want to get the perfect shape. If you’re in a hurry to attend an event and at the last moment you realize that your nails need a trim, using the straight nail clipper will be time-consuming as it takes some time to cut the perfect shape.

But this is not the case if you use a curved nail clipper. This type of nail clipper only requires one cut to get the perfect shape. And it is also less time-consuming and provides a much neater cut than straight nail clippers.

But as we mentioned before, many people don’t know the real difference between the two. Because of this, they tend to cut the fingernails as well as the toenails using the same clipper. But this is sometimes harmful as the health of your nails depends on the shape of your nails.

So straight vs curved nail clippers, which one is the best? Well, the answer to this depends on whether you will be cutting your toenails or your fingernails. To help you have a clear idea we have answered this question below, so read on.

Straight Vs Curved Nail Clippers For Fingernails- Which Is Best?

Your fingernails should be kept fairly short. This is because the longer they are the chance of them getting damaged is high.  But when you trim your nails, there’s a certain method and types of clippers that you should use to cut it.

Many people make the mistake of using just about any nail clipper they find, this can damage your nails in the long run. The most suitable nail clipper for your fingernails is the small trimmer that has a curved cutting edge. This type is specifically designed for your fingernails and keeps them from getting damaged.

But make sure to keep in mind, even though you use a curved nail clipper, you should still cut your nails at an angle. This is because most of the time the curve of the blade does not perfectly fit the curve of your nail.

Thus the best option for your fingernails is the curved nail clipper. But if you use a straight nail clipper, when your nails begin to grow they will start to bend and eventually damage the nail.

Straight vs curved nail clippers for toenails- which is best?

Just because you have always cut your toenails a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the correct way. Did you know that one of the main reasons for ingrown toenails is the way you cut them? Well, it’s never too late to start trimming your nails the correct way.

The best way to cut your toenails is straight across. But to do this the proper way, you should use a straight nail clipper. This type of nail clipper is somewhat larger than a curved nail clipper and is specifically designed to cut thick toenails.

Cutting your toenails straight across using a straight clipper will help reduce the chances of ingrown toenails. And also, it will ensure that your toenails grow forward as they should.

But if you use a curved nail clipper to cut your toenails, it will cause your nails to grow into your skin instead. As you may know, this is quite uncomfortable and painful. But don’t worry; the correct pair of nail clippers is all you need to end all your toenail problems.

The Correct And Safe Way To Trim Your Nails Using A Nail Clipper

For Fingernails

  1. Use small clippers

As we mentioned previously, to cut fingernails, you should use a small curve-shaped nail clipper as this is the safest option.

  1. Open the clippers

Rotate the lever of the nail clippers. Afterward, when you’re ready to cut your nails, gently squeeze the upper lever to cut it off.

  1. Choose where to start

You might be a person that likes to start either at your pinky finger or your thumb, and then work your way across the others. But it’s even better if you start with the shortest nail, and then cut the others down to that same length. That way you can make sure not to cut too much of any nail.

  1. Clip at an angle

Make sure to avoid cutting straight across. Even though the nail clipper is curved, you should cut the nail from a slight angle.

  1. Leave a bit of white at the edge

Keep in mind not to cut your nails to the skin. Instead, you should leave some of the white parts of your fingernail.

For Toenail

  1. Large straight clippers

As we mentioned before, when cutting toenails, you should use large clippers that have a straight edge. These clippers are much stronger and are manufactured specifically for toenails.

  1. Open the clippers

Rotate the lever of the nail clippers. Afterward, when you’re ready to cut your nails, gently squeeze the upper lever to cut it off.

  1. Cut straight across

Lastly, to avoid painful ingrown toenails, make sure to cut them straight across, just past the skin of each toe.

Points To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Nail Clippers And Methods To Maintain Them

Choose Quality Over Price

When choosing a nail clipper, consider the quality of the metal as this is what will determine how long your nail clipper will last. In this case, the best choice is fine steel composed of high-quality raw materials.

And also, if it is made out of steel and is rust-free, you can clean it and sterilize it to maintain basic hygiene.

Keep An Eye Out For Perfectly Aligned Blades

Before you purchase the nail clipper, press the lever to close the clipper. If there is a gap between the two blades, then the clipper will only squeeze your nail and will not cut it. If a nail clipper is well made, then it should have perfectly aligning blades that are quite sharp.

Regularly Clean Your Nail Clippers

Before and after each use, you should make sure to clean your nail clippers. It does not matter if you’re the only one using it, viruses or bacteria can stick to the blades and lead to an infection.

To clean them you can soak the clippers in soapy water and then you can sterilize them by applying some alcohol to the blades.


Overall, when it comes to straight vs curved nail clippers both are great options but it depends on the nails that you want to cut. As we said previously, many people don’t know the difference between the two and tend to use one clipper for both toenails as well as fingernails.

This can not only cause damage to your nails but by doing this you’re also risking bacterial infections. But it’s never too late to start cutting your nails the correct way. So purchase the right nail clipper and put an end to all your nail issues.

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