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Most Comfortable Sandals for Problem Feet

Most Comfortable Sandals for Problem Feet

With a sole attached to the foot with the use of configuration straps, the sandal is a very simple form of foot covering. In the past decades, sandals have been made from all kinds of materials including leather, wood, straw, metal, and even stone.

Sandals are also the most commonly found and oldest foot covering worldwide. Dating back to 8000 years ago, uncovered from the Anasazi culture, sandals provided a flexible protective sole with a simple V-shaped strap. And to this day sandals are worn by many.

Despite all this, sandals are not the most foot-friendly shoes that are out there today. And if you’re a person that has problematic feet, this might be a bigger problem to you than others.

You may have often struggled with selecting the perfect pair of sandals, especially when comfort is important for you. Nowadays, there are so many sandals in stores that claim to be comfortable. But after purchasing them, you might have realized the hard way that they are more painful than they look.

But worry no more! In this article, we will focus on some of the most comfortable sandals for problem feet. We will help you identify comfortable sandals, guide you on where you can find them, along with some of the best brands you should keep an eye out for which will hopefully be the end of all your feet problems, so read on.

Why Wear Comfortable Sandals?

The type of shoes you wear plays a major role in your outfit, but more than that, it plays a bigger role in your feet’ health.

Wearing uncomfortable sandals for the sake of fashion has more risks than benefits. These can easily cause calluses, blisters, bunions, and whatnot. To help you understand this better, below are some of the major benefits of wearing comfortable sandals. Make sure to keep them in mind!

1.      You can walk longer

If you’re a person that likes to take long walks in the park, you might already know the importance of wearing comfortable sandals. In a case where you wear sandals that are too tight, there’s a possibility that it might cause various health issues. Not to mention, this can also cause discomfort.

Because of this, instead of enjoying your time at the park, you would prefer to go home so that you can rest your feet. And also, wearing uncomfortable sandals that are too tight can lead to reduced blood flow in your feet which will cause swelling and pain. This will keep you from walking until the swelling reduces.

2.      Maintain proper posture

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking, sitting, or standing, maintaining good posture is important for your health, wearing comfortable sandals is something that will help you with this.

For example, in a case where you wear sandals that cause discomfort every time you walk, even though you don’t notice it, your feet will change their movements to accommodate the newly acquired position of your sandals. This will then lead to changes in your body movement entirely thus leading to incorrect posture. This is why you must wear comfortable sandals if you want to maintain proper posture.

3.      No blisters

One of the most common causes of blisters is uncomfortable sandals. Have you noticed that when you wear sandals that are too tight, it leads to friction between your feet and the laces? This becomes a bigger issue if you want to walk a long distance, the friction will peel off your skin causing painful blisters on your feet.

But more than the pain, blisters make your feet vulnerable to bacterial infections. In this case, you will have to seek medical help.

4.     No calluses and bunions

In some cases, wearing tight sandals does not necessarily cause blisters. But it can lead to calluses and bunions. So, how does this happen? The more frequent the friction is your skin will create some resistance. This causes the tissues to swell.

After some time, your feet will start to change their shape specifically near the large and small toes (make sure you cut your toe nails regularly to avoid nasty toe issues). Not only does it make your feet less attractive, but it’s also quite painful. But this is not the case if you wear comfortable sandals.

Overall, wearing comfortable sandals is very important if you want to maintain good health. So make sure to consider the above points and select comfort first.

Points To Consider When Purchasing The Most Comfortable Sandals For Problem Feet

Finding comfortable sandals can sometimes be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re looking for. To make your task easier, below we have provided a few points that you should consider when purchasing sandals.

1.      Size

Make sure that when you put on the sandals, your toes don’t hang over the front of them. Your feet should comfortably fit your sandals.

Always make sure that the sandals are not too big or too small for your feet. They should be a perfect size. Even if you know your shoe size, keep in mind to try it on before you make the purchase.

2.      Shop for the occasion

There is a sandal for every occasion. If you’re looking for a pair to wear to the beach or the pool, choose a sandal that is flat, water-resistant, and fast-drying.

When wearing swimsuits, flip-flop sandals are a great choice. This is because these types of sandals are made in such a way that they can withstand the sun and water. They are also very comfortable as they provide a cushiony feel beneath your feet.

If you’re looking for a pair to wear when you go on a walk, consider an all-weather walking sandal. This sandal type is designed in a way to keep your feet comfortable, despite the distance you walk. Keep in mind to look out for details like an EVA footbed that adds a cushion between your feet and the ground that helps to absorb shock.

3.      Secure straps

When choosing a sandal, make sure to purchase one that has secure straps. This is what will help to keep the sole of the sandal attached to your foot. And also, straps are even better when they are adjustable. In this case, it is recommended that you choose an adjustable strap instead of an elastic strap that will most likely stretch out over time.

Finding the most comfortable sandals for problem feet is not a difficult task. All you have to do is keep the above points in mind and look very carefully. After they are squared away, you can focus on the fashion.

Recommended Types Of Sandals For Problem Feet

There are plenty of sandal styles that are great options. They promote good foot health that makes them some of the most comfortable sandals for problem feet. Below are some of these styles that are highly recommended.

1.      Slides

This type of sandals consists of straps that go across the shoe. Similar to a flip flop, this type is suitable for wearing around the pool or for walking short distances. Particular versions that include arch support and anatomic foot contouring is a great option for low-impact activities as it provides stability.

2.      Slingback

This type of sandals helps to keep your feet in the proper position when you walk. Since Slingbacks hold the back of your foot similar to a regular shoe, it helps to hold the Achilles tendon in the correct position and stop your feet from sliding backward.

3.      Athletic Sandals

Athletic sandals consist of several straps that grip your foot the way a sneaker does. Some even have closed toes that make them perfect for hiking in warm weather as it provides support, comfort and also keeps your feet cool.

Product Reviews On Sandals

1. Clarks breeze flip flop

Clarks breeze flip flop comfortable sandals

Number one on our list for most comfortable sandals for problem feet is the Clarks breeze flip flop.

This Particular sandal consists of a synthetic sole that provides a comfortable and springy feel when you walk. It is also a great option to walk long distances as the sandal is very supportive. And also, unlike most flip-flops, this sandal does not loosen every time you take a step.

The Clarks breeze flip flop comes with an adjustable strap for precise fitting and is not bulky or clunky at all. Its cushy insole is perfect for anyone who has feet problems and struggles with pain every time they walk.  If that’s you, then this sandal is the ideal option for you.

Many of their previous customers have stated that these sandals are some of the most comfortable and supportive sandals they’ve ever had. If you want to be that next customer, then make sure to go check it out on Amazon!

2. Cushionaire Lane Cork Footbed Sandal

Cushionaire Lane Cork Footbed Sandal

Number 2 on our list for most comfortable sandals for problem feet is the Cushionaire Lane cork footbed sandal.

Consisting of 100% genuine suede insoles, the Cushionare Lane cork foot-bed sandal forms a perfect contour of your foot once you wear it. To provide you with the finest comfort when walking, this sandal is made with a cork footbed that makes it very flexible. And its durable EVA outsole sole makes it long-lasting.

And also, it comes with straps that you can adjust whenever you want to and a soft lining that reduces any discomfort when you walk.

Overall, many of their previous customers state that this sandal is quite comfortable and has completely freed them from blisters, and is great to work in. However, this sandal does have its drawbacks too as some customers state that the straps are a bit too thin and stiff and have sharp edges.

But overall, this item is a great product for anyone with issues with their feet. Make sure to give it a try!

3. AEROTHOTIC Original Orthotic Comfort Thong Style Flip Flops Sandals

AEROTHOTIC Original Orthotic Comfort Thong Style Flip Flops Sandals

Last on our list is the Aerothotic thong-style flip flop sandals.

Consisting of 100% comfortable arch support, this sandal has an orthopedic insole that helps to reduce back and heel pain. It is also a great option if you have foot issues including plantar fasciitis as it helps to improve your gait.

These sandals also have straps that are lined with cushion-soft material that provides you a gentle feel making your walking experience extremely comfortable. The material is also very light in weight making it easier to slip in and off.

Overall, many of their previous customers state that this sandal has been the solution to most of the foot problems and that it is a great soar-free sandal. However, some customers also claim that the sandal is not ideal for anyone with wide feet.

Despite this, these sandals are amazing! And a great option for anyone with foot problems.

Methods To Maintain Your Sandals

After purchasing comfortable sandals, you should keep them in good condition to preserve them for a long time and to avoid various infections in your feet. The method you should use to clean your sandals depends on the type of material your sandal is made with.

If it’s made with natural or synthetic material, you can simply clean it with warm water and a gentle detergent. To remove dirt, you can use a bristled brush and thereafter air-dry it.

You should avoid submerging the sandals in water if they are made out of leather. Instead, you can wipe it with a cloth. You can dampen the cloth with a mixture of white vinegar and water to avoid discoloration.


Overall, wearing comfortable sandals has various benefits. And most of all, they are the perfect solution for issues on your feet. Even though it may seem like a difficult task to identify the most comfortable sandals for problem feet, it’s quite simple.

So, keep all the above points in your mind and it will be the end to all your feet problems.

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