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How To Use A Razor Comb On Short Hair

How to use a razor comb on short hair

How To Use A Razor Comb On Short Hair

Maintaining a good hairstyle can be very hard sometimes and salon visits can be pricy, so we’ve got the tool you need! You might have never heard of it, but razor combs are a thing, and are here to save the day!


What is a razor comb?

A razor comb is a hair cutting and hair shaping tool. Less expensive models are made out of plastic and include a stainless-steel blade, while more expensive ones may be made of metal and support various attachments.

If your budget is tight, and there are much more important things than to pay a visit to your hairstylist, you still have to groom yourself somehow. If you have a short hair and want to try out maintaining your hairstyle at home, investing in a hair trimmer comb is something worth doing. It might seem scary at first, but don’t worry, we will give you a step-by-step guide, so you won’t mess up your hair completely! Using these tools is quite easy when you know how to do it. To make things easier for you, we have picked some of the best products out there, which you can choose from, but we will get into that a little bit later. First, let’s talk about what these things are for.


What are razor combs used for?

Razor combs are used for creating texture in both short and long hairstyles. These combs are very useful for thinning out thick, coarse hair. They are usually used by sliding the comb through wet hair, but this technique might not be suitable for all hair types. They are commonly used for short hairstyles that require a lot of texture, the appearance of movement, and complex layers.


Why use a razor comb?

Using these combs, you can style your hair effortlessly and without losing time at the barber’s. While women can get away with not going to their hairdresser for a very long time, with men that is not the case. If they skip going even just one time, it becomes very obvious, and does not look good at all. In order to keep the clean and fresh look, you have to cut your hair frequently. With the help of a razor comb, this will be possible from the comfort of your own home. Razor combs are not at all expensive as well and are said to be extremely easy to use, so after purchasing one you will have no excuse for letting your hairstyle go!


Here are the best hair trimmer combs, that we recommend:


Bangmeng Hair Cutter Comb

How To Use A Razor Comb On Short Hair

this set includes two combs – with fine and wide teeth, as well as two double edge razor blades for thin and thick hair cutting. The safety shielded razor protects the skin from being scratched. The dual-functional hair combs allow you to comb and section your hair on one side and cut the hair with the other. The blades are also changeable, so you don’t always have to buy a brand-new comb.



Maitys 3 Piece Razor Comb

Maitys 3 Piece Razor Comb

This 3-piece set includes the combs plus 10 stainless steel blades, so you can change them without having to buy anything else. The hair-thinning razors can be easily replaced. Both sides of the comb can be used to cut hair, one side having teeth and the other one being sparse. You can use the combs to shorten, shape and thin the hair, while the shielded safety razor protects the skin from scratches, so don’t worry about getting cut. With these tools giving yourself a hair trim has never been easier!


CombPal Hair Cutting Tool

CombPal Hair Cutting Tool

This is not an ordinary razor tool, because it actually has no razors. It makes cutting your hair easier and faster by showing you just how much to cut and where to stop. It will prevent you from making any mistakes by cutting your hair too short or making it uneven.


Tinkle Hair Cutter

Tinkle Hair Cutter

this is a modern hair trimmer for easy and convenient use at home. It includes two double edge razor blades. If you have thin hair, it is suggested you use the fine teeth side, and in case you have rather thick hair, use the wide teeth side. The precision razors contained within one end of the comb are thin and add texture and volume with minimal hair removal.

To remove and change the blades, loosen the locks to open the comb, then remove the old ones and reattach the comb.


Now that we have seen different types of hair trimming combs, it is obvious that they all work almost the same, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose. What does matter, though, is the way you use it. To avoid cutting yourself, or ruining your hair, you have to use the combs the right way. That’s why we have prepared this short guide for you. Follow the steps and you will get the clean hairstyle you wish for, but remember to always be careful!


How to use a razor comb: a step-by-step guide

Step 1: Make sure your hairstyle is suitable

Using a hair trimmer comb will be difficult if you have extremely thin hair. Have your hairstylist cut your hair in a textured style first, so you can simply maintain that at home. Razor combs work best for most men’s hairstyles, while for women it would work on bobs, shags, long and layered looks, and curly textures.

Step 2: Use a spray bottle

Take an empty spray bottle and fill it with water, then use it to wet your hair entirely. You can use the comb on wet or dry hair, but you will get a more precise cut with wet hair, so we suggest you do not skip that.

Step 3: Untangle your hair!

Before using such a comb, it is of crucial significance that you run through your hair with a normal comb, to untangle it and remove all the knots, in order to avoid unnecessary damage and further problems!

Step 4: Section your hair

Take a section of your hair that is at least an inch wide and place the razor comb against the part you want to chop, texturize or make thinner. Hold the comb at a 45-degree angle. Never start from your roots, as it will leave you with bald spots!

Step 5: Brush through with the razor comb

Make short strokes with the comb using light pressure. If you only want to texture or thin out your hair, work your way from the starting point to the tips of your hair. If you aim to cut your hair and make it shorter, keep stroking with the comb over the part you want to cut off. Keep doing that until it is chopped away. After you are happy with the result do the same thing with the other sections! Finish with a texturizing spray or your favorite hair products to bring out and emphasize your fresh hairstyle.

If yo make a lot of mess in your house while trimming your hair, you can use a handheld vacuum to clean up the hair after you are done.

Final thoughts

We hope that with this short step-by-step guide and with the list of tools that we picked out we have made the process easier and you are one step closer to your new budget-friendly hairstyle, which you can maintain by yourself!

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