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Treehouse Kits for Adults

Treehouse Kits for Adults

Treehouse kits are great for adults too, not only for kids. You can build a tree house and use it as an additional living or storage space depending on the size of the treehouse.

Going back in time all of us have dreamt as a child to have our very own tree house where you can have some fun with friends and use it as a safe play house. But nowadays, trees houses are used even by adults as the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of day to day life.

What Is A Tree House?

But this was not the case thousands of years ago, even though no solid evidence is present to detect the first ever tree house, it can be traced back to almost 40000 years ago where tree houses were used as homes and shelters in order to stay safe from wild animals.

And to this day tree houses remain popular among many, but only a few know how to properly build one.

But the solution to this is treehouse kits for adults.  Basically, treehouse kits are mostly building plans that come along with materials required to construct a tree house. However, before you build a tree house it’s important that you know how to select, maintain and build these treehouse kits.

Treehouse building for Adults

In the market today you can find a wide variety of treehouse kits for adults or beginners, each varying in price, design as well as quality. However, even though it may seem simple, making the purchase can be a difficult task if you are not aware of what points to consider, the variety of designs available, and which type is most suitable for you.

In order to help make your job easier, below listed is a guide which lists out important points you must know about treehouse kits for adults, methods to maintain it along with some safety tips which you must keep in mind.

What to Consider When Purchasing Treehouse Kits for Adults

Tree houses kits are the best option that are out there today to help make building a treehouse simple. Even though you need some basic knowledge on construction, most treehouse kits for adults come with a set of instructions. However, when purchasing a treehouse kit there are certain factors that you must consider. This will help you to avoid any disappointments and regrets after making the purchase.


One of the first points that you must consider is the budget or rather the amount you are willing to spend on the product. For this you can compare the price of different treehouse kits for adults. Even though most treehouse kits do not consist of tools such as nails, drills and hammers, most of them do have all the required construction pieces. So in case you find a treehouse kit for a low price make sure to double check if it includes all the construction pieces you need.


There are varieties of treehouse designs you can choose from. However, the best type depends on your choice and personality. Many people tend to choose the traditional treehouse design as it does not go out of style. But whatever the design you choose, make sure it is the perfect size so that you won’t have to crouch the whole time you are inside it.


The next most important point that you must consider is the type of building material you want to use. This can vary from plastic, wood, or even recycled material. Whatever material you choose, make sure it blends with the surroundings and does not disrupt the look of the location.

Overall, even though most treehouse kits for adults come with a set of instructions it can be frustrating to build complex designs as it requires a bit of construction savvy. If you have no prior knowledge or experience on construction the best option would be to choose a simple design, as the more tough the plan is the more complicated it is to build.

So choosing a simple design will help you to work with less frustration and less complications.

If you are completely new and lack much skills and resources you can just create a simplistic tree house like this one:

Treehouse for happy kids

Kids will love it and would have a lot of fun, especially if you allow them to participate in some of the easier tasks during the construction work!

Ir something like this minimalistic ladder tree house:

minimalistic ladder tree house

How to build a treehouse using treehouse kits for adults

After you purchase the treehouse kit, next you must know how to build the tree house in the correct way. As mentioned previously, most treehouse kits for adults come with a set of instructions, but if you’re looking for a much simpler method, make sure to follow the steps stated below.

Step 1

The first step includes mounting the main supports and building the main platform. This is the most important stage of the process, if you don’t build your main supports well, your treehouse will not stand. And most importantly, without this section being properly built, the tree house would be highly unsafe to use.

Once your supports are safely built, you can start to build the main platform on it.

Step 2

If you want to include additional strength, you can include braces below the platform. Make sure to add diagonal braces underneath the platform in order to avoid the treehouse from wobbling around.

Step 3

The third requires you to put the flooring down. This step is where you will need the decking but if you want you can also lay large pieces of timber sheets. After this step your treehouse is almost complete.

Step 4

In this step you must begin to construct the walls, railings and the entrance. For this purpose you can use your own timber frame structures or you can also use old fencing. How you do this does not really matter as long as you make it in a way that the treehouse is safe to use.

Step 5

Now that most of your treehouse is complete, add a ladder to it. At this step many people use a basic ladder but if you want to make it look a bit fancy you can instead add a retractable rope ladder.

Step 6

In this last step all you have to do is add a roof to your treehouse. You can either add a robust structure from wood or even a tarpaulin. If both of these are not an option you can use any type of weatherproof fabric. Once you fix the roof your newly built treehouse is now ready for use.

How to maintain/care for a treehouse

One important factor you must know after you complete building your treehouse is that just like any other building, tree houses can start showing certain issues if it is not maintained well.  In order to avoid common issues in tree houses, maintenance solutions to them are stated below.

Wood protection

All types of wood are vulnerable to decay, insects, water, and ice. If these issues are left untreated it can lead the wood to break down. However, there are certain types of wood that can handle such harsh weather and insects. But when it comes to wood that are sensitive to such issues, make sure to apply wood sealers and protective stains once in every 3 years.

If you are into wood working crafts and hobbies you can try making a wooden ship with a kit. You will definitely have a lot of fun while building your own ship mini model.

Animal damage

Even though this is not a major problem, it is common to see squirrels and birds making nests in tree houses. This can cause various damages to the construction of the treehouse. Some of the most commonly seen damages are chewed wood, stains and piled nuts. You can fix this issue by simply blocking the way towards these areas. Sometimes bees can be a problem too; in this case you can use a bee repellant to discourage them from nesting on the treehouse.

Roof issues

If the tree passes through the roof your treehouse, make sure to re-water proof it at least once every year. Especially during stormy seasons this can be an issue as the strong wind has the tendency of moving the tree around; in this case it’s almost unrealistic to expect a dry treehouse. But if this is mandatory for you, try to design the tree house in a way that the tree does not go through it.

Safety tips to keep in mind when building a treehouse

Even though building a treehouse is extremely fun and exciting, it can also be dangerous if you are not careful. Below listed are a few safety tips that you must keep in mind when working on your treehouse, this will help to avoid/prevent any type of dangers.

Safety boots

Many people have the tendency of stepping on nails and rough edges of wood that can cause damage to your feet. To avoid this, the best option is to wear safety boots. You can choose from a variety of types that are available in the market today, make your choice depending on the type of materials and tools you will be working with.

Protective Gloves

Since you will be working with various tools starting from nails, drills to chainsaws it can be very dangerous if you don’t use something to protect your hands. So don’t forget to use protective gloves and as mentioned previously, choose the type of gloves depending on the type of tools you will be working with.

Protective eyewear

Protective eyewear for outdoor treehouse work

When working on tree houses, it is highly important that you wear protective eyewear. This is because fire sparks and wooden dust have the possibility of getting in your eyes which can cause harm. To avoid such situations, you can use safety goggles, safety glasses or safety shields.

Sun safety

Since trees grow outside, depending on where you live, you will be working outside in the hot sun. This has the chance of causing sun burns, depending on how strong the sun is; make sure to use some type of sunscreen. And also, make sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, if required use a hat to reduce the heat.

First aid kit

First aid kit for tree house construction

In case an accident occurs, it is best that you stay prepared. From deep gashes to minor cuts, prepare a first aid box with some of the necessary items. And always keep it in a place that it is easily reachable.

Overall, prevention is better than cure so no matter what you are working on, always stay mind-full on what you touch, what you step on and what you’re working with.


In short, treehouse kits for adults are a great option for anyone that has no prior experience on construction. They come with a set of guidelines along with the materials which is definitely convenient as it is less time consuming. But if you want to avoid any regrets, make sure to purchase the tree house kit depending on your personality, budget as well as design.

But no matter what type of treehouse you are building make sure to follow the safety guidelines mentioned above. So, you’ll be able to successfully complete your tree house in no time and enjoy some quality time with your kids.

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