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Best Whittling Kit For Beginners

Best Whittling Kit For Beginners

Do you have a passion for carving small objects out of wood? Do you want to start whittling, but are unsure about what tools to buy? Or are you just looking for the best beginner whittling kit on the market? If so, this article will be of great help. Here I will list my top 5 picks when it comes to the best whittling kit for beginners.


What Is Whittling?


Whittling is the art of carving small objects out of wood. Whittlers often start whittling on a larger scale and then slowly progress to smaller and smaller carvings. In some cases, you can even use your pocketknife for whittling, but I recommend that you get a separate kit just for this purpose.

Buying a whittling kit is usually the best option for beginners. A good beginner’s kit will have most of the tools that you will need to build your skills up before using more specialized whittling knives.


Interesting facts and trivia about whittling


Here are some interesting facts about whittling which you may find useful for impressing your friends. The first carved figures found in Europe date back to the Palaeolithic Era, which occurred about 22,000 years ago. The term “whittling” comes from an American folk tale involving a young man named Johnny who used his knife to whittle down a partially cut tree to the likeness of Daniel Boone. Whittling is also known as chip carving because much of it involves removing small chips from your wood carving to create depth and shape. Some whittlers also practice relief carving, which entails removing wood from the background of your design to make it stand out.


Best Whittling kits for beginners in 2022


1.  Elemental Tools 9pc Wood Carving Tools Set

Elemental Tools 9pc Wood Carving Tools Set

I have to say that this kit is great for beginners. Why? The knives are very sharp, durable, easy to hold, and comfortable to use. Although the gloves are not as effective as thicker leather gloves, they still help keep your hands clean while you work. This set also comes with a shock-absorbent bamboo box, which is awesome for storing your carving tools when you are done.


  • It comes with great safety features, like cut-resistant gloves and a shock-absorbing bamboo storage box.
  • The knives in this set are very effective at carving different types of wood.
  • The price of this pack is unbeatable. You get 9 high-quality knives for the price of one.


  • it is fair to say that I am happy with this purchase, but the only mishap was the missing green stone box.
  • the seller could have taken time to improve the packaging’s aesthetics


2. BeaverCraft, Wood Carving Kit Comfort Bird DIY

BeaverCraft, Wood Carving Kit Comfort Bird DIY

This is a great product for beginners, especially those who want to hone their whittling skills before purchasing more specialized knives. This kit comes with a complete beginner’s guide, which includes 12 fun projects that you can try out. In addition to the carving tool itself, the BeaverCraft kit also comes with several other tools that you will need for your project, like a flashlight, ruler, and paintbrush.


  • This is the perfect whittling kit for beginners who would like to try their hand at whittling before purchasing more specialized knives.
  • The product comes with several great beginner’s projects. If you complete all these projects, you will be able to build your skills up whittling before considering more advanced projects.
  • This is a great gift for children or teens who are interested in learning woodworking. The instruction manual has detailed steps that will walk you through each project, and the tools themselves are designed to be safe enough for beginners.


  • I found that the wood was hard to carve which is a big deal really when you are looking forward to starting such hobby
  • some issues with the knife that was not sharp enough


3.  BeaverCraft S15 Whittling Wood Carving Kit for Beginners

BeaverCraft S15 Whittling Wood Carving Kit for Beginners

What is good with the BeaverCraft S15 is that it comes with all the basics that you need to get started carving wood, including a whittling knife, chisel, paintbrush, flashlight, ruler, pencil sharpener, and safety gloves. In addition to the tools themselves, this kit also includes some helpful instructional materials that you can reference if you are stuck on a particular point. Many of these materials also come with fun facts about some of the more common elements that you will see in your carvings, which makes such carving kit especially meaningful as a gift.


  • It comes with all the basic tools that you need to get started whittling. It also comes with several sets of safety gloves, which is an essential part of the carving.
  • Many of the kit’s tools come with cool facts about the whittling process! This makes it a great gift for those who are interested in learning more about woodworking.
  • It will help you to build your skills as a whistle before you are ready to purchase more specialized knives. You can return to this kit for all of your whittling needs.


  • Not as sharp as expected compared to one leading brand


4.  Wood Carving Tools Kit for Beginners 23pcs Hand Carving Knife Set

Wood Carving Tools Kit for Beginners 23pcs

The Wood Carving Tool comes with many different types of carving knives, including a convertible knife and a flexible fillet knife. It also includes all the materials that you need to get started, such as safety gloves and an instructional book. It is designed to be used by both beginners and experienced carvers, making it a great way to master your woodworking skills without having to purchase additional materials.


  • This beginners’ kit comes with several different types of knives, making it perfect for both beginners and professionals looking to test out new tools.
  • The kit includes all the materials that you need to get started carving wood, including safety gloves. The instructional book will help you to hone your whittling skills before trying more advanced projects.
  • It is designed for both beginners and professionals, so it can be shared with friends or family who are looking to learn woodworking. It also provides everything that you need to get started carving right away.


  • For me, it is such a disappointment that it does not come with enough safety gloves to last through all my projects.


5.  12pcs Wood Carving Tools Set-WAYCOM Hook Carving Knife Kit

WAYCOM Hook Carving Knife Kit for beginners

The Waycom kit comes with a 12-piece set of whittling tools, including a detail knife and a hook carving knife. In addition to the knives themselves, this kit also includes safety gloves and a leather sheath for your convenience. The tools are made from durable metal that will last through many projects without breaking or wearing out over time.


  • This brand comes with a 12-piece set of carving knives, giving you the opportunity to test out different varieties of knives as you learn new carvings.
  • The tools included in this kit are made from durable metals that will last for many projects without wearing down or breaking. In addition, these tools come with a leather sheath for safety and convenience.
  • These carving tools come from a well-known brand, Waycom. It is made to be used with wood and other soft materials, making it perfect for carving spoon bowls, cups, and other general wood products.


  • Big surprise for me was finding out the kit sold was only for left-handed people – the seller could have specified that, so buyers like me won’t waste time and feel disappointed.
  • The knives do not fit into the included sheath.


Who Is It Suited For?


Whittling is suited for anyone who wants to take up a rewarding hobby that doesn’t cost much. To start with, you will only need your pocketknife which you probably already have at home, or an inexpensive carving kit. However, there are several factors to consider before getting started you might want to take some notes and learn from the key pointers in this article.


How To Do It Properly And Safely?


First, you need to find the right kind of wood for your project. For example, hardwood will be perfect for carving spoons and bowls whereas pine is better for making toys. Once you have found the best material it’s time to start cutting away at it with your knife or whittling knife. Make sure not to apply too much pressure when you are carving because it can be dangerous. Also, make sure to always keep your eyes on your work while you are whittling, and never start whittling if you are tired or unfocused.

What Tools Are Needed?

wood carving tools kit for beginners

If you want to get started whittling, there are a few tools that you will need. In some cases, your pocketknife can be used for carving small details in your design but, it’s better to use a dedicated whittling kit like the ones mentioned above.

Each kit comes with its own set of different knives for various tasks which will make your work much easier. Above all, make sure to be patient and take your time mastering this skill. This way you will slowly build up your confidence and have a safe and enjoyable experience.


Useful Tips For Whittling


– Find the right kind of wood to work with; harder woods like hard maple make great utensils but softer wood types like pine are better suited for carving toys and other things.

– Keep your eyes on your project as you whittle because it can be dangerous if you become tired or unfocused while cutting away at your design.

– When you first start out, it’s best to keep your whittling tools as simple as possible. This way you will build up your confidence and not become overwhelmed with too many options at once.

– Be patient and take things slow; the more work you put into practice this skill, the better your finished products will be!


How To Choose The Best Whittling Kit And What One Should Look For?


Here are a few things that you should consider when choosing a beginner whittling kit.

– Look for a kit that contains more than just a knife. A good kit will have sandpaper, files, pliers, and other tools to help you practice the different skills needed for carving.

– Get a kit with high-quality knives. If you plan on taking your whittling to a more serious level, you will need a knife that is strong and sharp. Your beginner’s kit should have knives designed for carving wood.

– Look for a kit with easy-to-grip handles. The best carving knives should fit perfectly in your hand so that they can be just as easy to grip as your favorite pen.

– Consider the price of the kit. If you are on a tight budget, it might be best to buy one or two items at a time until you have created the perfect collection for yourself. – Look for a kit that comes with a storage case. Some of the higher-quality kits have cases to help you organize your tools and accessories.

-Look online for customer reviews of different products before you choose one so that you can see what other people’s experiences have been.

-Responsive customer support should also be a top priority because you never know when something might go wrong.

-Do they provide some buying manuals?

These are just a few things to consider whether you are looking for the perfect starter kit or something with a little more power. The most important part of your purchase is going to be choosing the knives that come in your kit. For beginners, it is important to remember that you will not be carving through large pieces of wood like a professional.

You should look for kits that come with beginner-friendly blades because they can help you avoid injury and frustration when learning the basics.




Whittling is a relaxing hobby that teaches you to appreciate the small details in life. It can also help your hand-eye coordination, concentration, and patience. So, give it a try today!

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