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Best Beginner Leather Tooling Kit for 2023

Take a look at our guide to find the best beginner leather tooling kit you can buy in 2022 and enjoy your hobby on a budget.

Best Beginner Leather Tooling Kit

Leatherworking is a wonderful art that fascinates a lot of artisans. Once an important material of survival, leather is now used in many common accessories like handbags, wallets, shoes, etc. And if you’re looking for a hobby to develop a skill set and improve your creativity, you may want to get into leathercraft.

But it can be a little challenging for a novice to find the right set of tools required to excel in the art of leatherworking. Fortunately, you can find many exceptional toolkits that provide hundreds of quality tools to assist you with your hobby. In this article, we’ll help you find the best leather tooling kits for beginners that can make your job a lot easier.

If you are completely new to the leather crafting art and you like to read, you may want to take a look at this useful step by step guiding book.

Best Leather Working Tool Kits For Beginners

1.    BAGERLA’s 273 Pieces Leather Tooling Kit

BAGERLA 273 Pieces Leather Tooling Kit for beginners

This 273 Piece kit by BAGERLA features everything one needs to get started with leatherwork in one box. You’ll get a wide range of needles, four colored threads, a hammer, a couple of groovers, a silent plier inside a durable leather box to keep them organized. Other unique offerings include a huge cutting mat, a knife, and an awl allowing you to cut leather effortlessly. The 20 different tape leather stamps and letter stamps are useful for beginners to decorate leather pieces with common designs.


  • A huge variety of tools provided
  • Easier to organize with a leather toolbox
  • Features a wide mat for cutting leather


  • Some tools are not very durable

2.    SIMPZIA 52 pcs Leather Kit

SIMPZIA 52 pcs Leather working Kit

If you’re looking for a kit that doesn’t provide you useless tools that serve no purpose, SIMPZIA’s 52 pieces kit can be a great pick. It only consists of essential tools required for advanced leatherworking. The kit features four different sewing needles, waxed threads, an improved groover, a durable fastener, and prong punches to create perfect marks. An adjustable swivel knife and leather stamps help you create impressive designs with ease.


  • All tools are made of high-grade material
  • Consists of an easy-to-use leather stamp kit
  • The stainless-steel adjustable swivel knife carves smoothly


  • Some basic tools and cutting mat are not provided

3.    JOYPEA 195 Pieces Leather Working Toolkit

JOYPEA 195 Pieces Leather Working Toolkit for beginners

Joypea’s 195-piece leather toolkit is a budget alternative for artisans looking for a wide variety of tools. It includes a rivet kit, two cutting mats, a stitching groover, three awls, and many other basic tools like a ruler, scissor, tape, and hammer. You’ll also get an impressive crafting set comprising four sizes of prong punches, a swivel knife, and twenty leather stamps with attractive patterns. A neat carrying case makes it easier to arrange and organize the tools.


  • Inexpensive
  • The kit features all basic and advanced tools
  • A self-healing cutting mat provides great convenience


  • The case is not sturdy enough

4.    BAGERLA’s 50 Pieces Leather Working Tools

BAGERLA 50 Pieces Beginner Leather Tooling Kit

This is a compact version of the previous BAGERLA toolkit we’ve mentioned in our list. If you’re not a professional leatherworker and don’t want to invest in a huge toolkit, this kit provides you every major tool to satisfy your hobby. It comprises all essential carving and sewing tools and an adjustable groover, swivel knife, and prong punches. Some important tools missing in this mini-version include a hammer, cutting mat, and the silent plier.


  • An affordable starter kit for beginners
  • It comes with a leather carrying case
  • Durable swivel knife and groover


  • Lacks a lot of basic tools

What Does a Beginner Leather Tooling Kit Consists Of?

A leather tooling kit consists of a wide range of crafting, sewing, stitching, and punching tools that make it easier for leathercrafters to design and make various leather art. It provides a lot of conveniences both to novice and professional leatherworkers. Some common tools you’ll find in all leather tooling kits are: – needles and threads for sewing, a hammer, scissors, standard knife, glue, variations of prong punches, groover and swivel knife for smooth carving, stamp kits for decorating your leather piece with beautiful patterns.

You don’t really need all these tools to get started with leatherworking. However, it’s important to know every tool’s purpose to get a better understanding of leathercraft. Once you get started, you’ll better grasp the working and maintenance of these tools. We also recommend you regularly clean and organize your tools well for longevity and durability. And once you become more proficient in working with leather, you’ll need some advanced tools to craft your work.

So, if you want to make any worthwhile product (from small leather goods to bags, or intricate art pieces) make sure you pick the right leather crafting tools. A leather-working kit will surely take the guesswork out of having to choose the tools separately. But you should also have a basic idea about what tools are necessary and what they do.

Other useful tools you may need:

Rivets, eyelets, buckles, loop loops, bag bottoms, snaps, chicago screws, collar buttons, reinforcement corners, clasps, turnstiles, leather wing divider, belt clips… the list is long.

The rivet is the friend of beginners because it allows to join two pieces of leather avoiding the step of sewing.

If you like wearing and working with leather goods, you may find these leather sandals a perfect match.

A simple tool set with a few general purpose tools will probably be enough to get you started. So, if you are just tipping your toe in leather crafting the basic gear below could serve you well in the beginning.

What Basic Tools Are Needed To Get Started With Leather Work And Sewing?

To get started in leather work, you need these essential tools for sewing leather by hand:

  • A leather cutting swivel knife
  • A cutting board (very hard plastic, otherwise the cutting traces will deflect your cutter)
  • A diamond awl for piercing leather or sewing claws(wooden hammer)
  • mini anvil
  • 2 needles rounded tip, the leather being pierced by the awl
  • A rotary knife to mark the stitches and achieve a straight and even seam

You can find most of these tools in the leather working and sewing kits mentioned above or you can pick one here.

Final Words

If you’re someone willing to learn leathercraft, you’ll need proper tools to craft and work with leather. And tooling kits provide everything that’s required to make creative leather items with ease. We’ve reviewed some of the best leather tooling kits that are beginner-friendly and comprise all important tools.

But if you’re confused about picking the suitable tools, we’ll recommend you to check out BAGERLA’s 273 pieces kit as it doesn’t lack anything and provides convenience to beginner leatherworkers.

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