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Best Mechanical Clock Making Kits for 2023

best Mechanical Clock Making Kits you can buy

What are mechanical clock making kits used for and why would you need one.

Mechanical clock kits are DIY wooden puzzles you can use to create some quite attractive artwork pieces for your home. These unique mechanical clocks would probably be complicating to assemble for some, but will surely help you improve your brain’s thinking capability and processing speed.

These kits may not turn you into a genius, though they may make you feel like one. Normally most models of these clock kits won’t really display the time like a real clock, though it can work for some time with the weight mechanism without using any batteries.

If you’re someone who enjoys spending their time figuring out the science and technology behind a device’s working mechanism, crafting a mechanical clock can be a really rewarding hobby for beginners, kids and adults alike.

We’ve researched and compared several models to sort out the best mechanical clock making kits you can buy to build your own mechanical clock.

ROKR 3D Wooden Mechanical Pendulum Clock Kit

ROKR 3D Wooden Mechanical Pendulum Clock Kit - Best Mechanical Clock Making Kits for 2021

This old-style pendulum clock kit by ROKR helps you create a vintage mechanical clock. It’s made of more than 165 high-quality pre-cut pieces of plywood, which require no glue and are easier to assemble. The clock kit includes an informative guide and required tools that help you put the pieces together without any hassle. The mechanism can work for some hours after you complete the clockwork. It has a 13.6 × 4.6 × 9.2 Inches dimension and can easily fit on smaller desks or cabinets.


  • A very intricate industrial design
  • It includes assembly tools and instructions
  • It uses high-quality wood
  • Works for around 7 hours in a single stretch


  • A little complicated to assemble for kids

Wooden City 3D Clock Kit

wooden city 3d - best Mechanical Clock Kits

Wooden City’s mechanical kit allows you to design a modern clock, and the elegant woodcarving enhances this art piece’s beauty. The laser-cut 149 pieces of birch plywood are eco-friendly and long-lasting. It comprises two clock faces along with a pendulum. Despite an intriguing design, the clock doesn’t work for more than a few minutes. It’s recommended to buy the kit for the sole purpose of enjoying the DIY process. It provides a great means to improve your processing capabilities and spend your spare time with loved ones.


  • Made of eco-friendly materials
  • The wood is carved with attractive patterns
  • It doesn’t require glue to assemble
  • Modern design


  • Clockwork mechanism works for very little time

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Mechanical Gear Clock Kit

robotime 3d owl - how to make a mechanical Clock Kit

Many mechanical clocks don’t show accurate time, but it’s not the same with this model. It is a real clock that uses an easy to replace AA battery to display the time. The exclusive owl design is pretty simple to assemble with 102 laser-cut 3D wood pieces. It prevents the use of glue or wax, keeping your work desk clean.

The company also offers useful assembling accessories in an organized bag. Some extra wood pieces are also included in case of accidental damages. Overall, it’s an impressive pick for users who need a highly precise clock.


  • It uses a replaceable AA battery
  • Displays accurate time 5-grade transmission
  • Durable laser cut wood pieces
  • Additional pieces provided for extra convenience
  • Unique owl design


  • The alarm timer is not reliable

Abong David Mechanical Clock Making Kit 

abong david - Mechanical Clock Making Kit

Abong David’s kit is one of the most expensive clock-making kits you’ll find in the market. It’s a premium mechanical clock that can work more than one and a half-day in a single stretch without utilizing any battery. It consists of around 100 puzzle pieces made of poplar hardwood and plywood.

Assembling tools like bearings and carbon axles are also provided in the kit. It’s a little tricky to assemble the clock, but clear instructions are provided in the manual. You’ll also require sandpaper and glue to complete this mechanical clock.


  • Works 36 hours without a battery
  • Long-lasting birch plywood and hardwood material
  • Effective assembling tools


  • Expensive
  • Hard to assemble

Tips For Building Your Own Mechanical Clock With A Kit

Clock-making is a hobby that requires no prior experience or professional skills. The basic understanding of a clock’s mechanics and parts are enough for you to design mechanical clocks. Here are some tips to help you with your clock making: –

  • Handle the clock pieces with utmost care. Some of the puzzle pieces are delicate and can break with minor accidents. It isn’t easy to find replacement pieces for these mechanical kits. However, some brands do offer additional pieces or deliver on buyer’s requests.
  • Don’t rush the crafting process, and read the instructions carefully. Clock-making is a slow process, and it can be tiresome to start over again.
  • Although, most kits provide you laser-cut pieces that don’t require any glue. Make sure to use proper equipment and gloves when working with super glue to stick the pieces together.

Most of these mechanical clock making kits have mainly wooded parts which gives them a classy vintage and natural look. Though, if you like working with wood, you can delve into the equally fun and satisfying hobby of building wooden ship models with kits. So make sure to check it out too.

Final Words

DIY clock-making is a fun and creative way to spend your free time, especially if you’re a clock lover. The hobby requires extreme concentration and patience to make artwork. Fortunately, clock kits provide you all the tools and instructions you need for the job.

We’ve listed some of the top-rated clock-making kits that you can check out to design antique or modern clocks. Thanks for stopping by!

Let me know if you have any suggestions, tips or comments on how to build better mechanical clocks with these wonderful clock making kits.

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