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Best origami kits and books for beginners

Best origami kit for beginners

Finding the best origami kits for beginners(which mostly consists of guiding books and folding paper sheets) could become a tedious task if you don’t really know what you’re looking for. So, in the guide below we’ll take a deeper look into the origami paper folding craft and how to choose the best origami beginner kit.

But first:

What is Origami?

Origami is an art originating from China and Japan. It consists of creating animals, figurines, or even objects using paper. This art of folding boosts concentration, fine motor skills and creativity, making it a perfect activity for children’s development! It also gives them an opportunity to create a beautiful, colorful world that they can customize at will. If the folding is successful, it is solid, and you can even play with your creations!

Origami is both a creative art and an Oriental practice of folding paper. Even though the origins of paper are related to China, the folding of paper comes from Japan. Origami comes from the Japanese words oru (fold) and kami (paper).

To get started, the best option is to choose an origami book with several models suitable for beginners. Some even offer creations of different levels, which allows you to use the same book as you progress.


Children’s origami Book

This book makes it possible to make not just animals but also trees, a house, and even an origami cart. Each folding model is accompanied by step-by-step explanations and a diagram to understand the method. At the end of the book, there are patterned sheets and a folding game board to invent stories with the creations. This book is particularly suitable for beginners, especially since there is a colour code indicating the level of difficulty.

This box is ideal for children aged 6 years old and up who want to try their hand at the art of origami. The booklet with the models and explanations is clear. It offers a dozen folds to reproduce with its 120 sheets of double-sided printed paper, special for origami. One can then customize the work thanks to the two pages of stickers.

Are you interested in the art of paper folding? Whether you are a beginner, an apprentice or a “master of origami”, there is bound to be a book made for you that will highlight new models and new creative folding techniques, so everyone can create original and fascinating works of beauty and delicacy.

If you like painting, but lack the artist skills, then you may want to try the wonderful stress busting coloring books for adults. Once you try it, you will become addicted 😉

Learn How to Make Origami

Are you a lover of the Japanese paper folding craft? You will be spoiled by all the choices here for you to practice your origami, whatever your level. Below, take a look at the selection of the best books on origami.

Often, these works are accompanied by sheets of Japanese paper to be folded including floral patterns, animal patterns, geometric patterns, etc. Beginners will be able to easily create flowers, a crane, a cat, a rabbit, an owl, a boat, a rocket, etc., while more experienced amateurs will be able to try more unexpected and complex designs, of course! The fun lies in the challenge posed by these achievements, and the more you master the folding techniques, the more you will be tempted to go further in the practice and mastery of the art of origami.


How To Find The Best Origami Kit For Beginners


To make an origami piece, it is necessary to lay out a piece of paper and know how to show patience, imagination and concentration. This art has many applications, among which are science, decoration, poetry, practice, and religion. It offers not only the pleasure and magic of creating and discovering shapes and colours but is also achievable by both adults and children.

With family or friends, enjoy this fascinating and accessible activity. Whether you are experienced, an amateur or a beginner, you can easily make all kinds of flowers, boats, animals and more, all with the help of a sheet of paper.


The Best Books and Kits About Origami

  1. Origami as Magic
  2. The Big Book of Origami: 60 Easy Models for Children
  3. Easy Origamis
  4. Origami: For Children
  5. 50 Origami for Children: Creative leisure
  6. Origami Cats
  7. The Big Book of Traditional Japanese Origami
  8. 50 origami for Fun: For Beginners


Origami Starter Kit: With 80 Sheets

What’s more fun than folding pieces of paper? With that understanding in mind, the author specially designed an origami starter kit for lovers of this art. All models are accompanied by accurate and detailed explanations and drawings.

The book has about twenty models to make and is sold with 80 sheets of paper. It’s also ideal for creating original and surprising shapes.


Animated Origami: Folding Models Ready to Sail, Jump, Fly and Swirl!

Thanks to the 25 templates in this book, you can easily create beautiful and animated origami, all with simple sheets of paper. Follow the explanations step by step and bring to life animals and objects, each more fun and amazing than the last: flying birds, magicians’ wands, prancing horses, flying hearts and more!

Don’t waste any time in grabbing this beautiful book. It is certain to help you create origami that will twirl, pounce and fly in every direction.


Origami by Magic

A new way to learn origami, this book features about fifty models explained step by step. It offers clear and simple drawings and folds, which is why it delights all lovers of this fascinating art. In addition, it also provides you with all the necessary materials and has valuable advice and tips.


1000 Origami: Patterns and All the Basic Folds

This book is suitable for all origami lovers, whether they are experts or beginners. Through its more than 1,000 pages, it offers basic folds, models explained step by step and incredible shapes in tune with the times. You can fold to your heart’s content!


Origami Animals

If you have always wanted to bring funny animals to life, this book will undoubtedly appeal to you. After folding and folding, you can easily create a dinosaur, a whale, a rabbit, etc. Explanations and drawings will guide you step by step. Enjoy this fun and original activity to with family or friends.

Make beautiful paper versions of animals like a tyrannosaurus, butterfly, penguin, cat, crab, owl, panda, dolphin, diplodocus, dove, swan, whale, giraffe, bear, tiger, cow, ox, horse, rabbit, dog, rat, mouse, guinea pig, turtle, fox, stegosaurus, tiger, elephant, frog, stingray, goldfish, plesiosaur…the list goes on!


A Little History About Origami

Although the true origins of origami are regularly questioned, this art goes back to a Japanese tradition more than in any other country in the world. In the 6th century, the Japanese used folds to pack spices and medicines. For their part, Shinto monks used them in religious rituals. Classic forms such as the crab, frog, crane and butterfly only appeared after the year 1000. They were also found in the sake jars distributed at weddings.

A new type of folding practice developed between 1390 and 1570: noshi. It combined ribbons of different colours and folded papers and is visible in Japanese works such as Kan-no-mado, Chushingura and Senbazuru-origata.


Final Words on Origami

Why fold pieces of paper into animal shapes? While this activity is fun for some, it represents a source of relaxation for others, a way to drive away all the tension accumulated over a period of time.

According to one study, origami has been shown to have considerable benefits, especially for people with autism, anxiety and mental disability, and those with a lack of confidence. The art of folding paper also helps strengthen muscles, coordinate hand and eye movements and sharpen memory and concentration. It effectively fights against depression, stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Origami awakens children to art and helps aid in their development. It also serves as a basis for learning geometry and is ideal for discovering colours and shapes.

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