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Best Pottery Making Kits For Adults

Pottery Making Kits For Adults

Art and craft activities are a great way to relax and unwind. Pottery is great for this, but it can be expensive, time-consuming, and messy. Whether it’s for adults, kids or beginners, a pottery making kit allows you to make your pots without any of the fuss or mess that would normally come with such an activity.

There are many different types of pottery making kits, and they can range from a simple beginner’s pottery wheel kit for a few pounds to more complicated kits with every conceivable pottery tool you will ever need. If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves crafts, or you want to explore your creativity but don’t have the time to commit to something as intensive as pottery classes at an adult education center, a pottery making kit is an excellent choice.

Pottery kits are not just for beginners either, even those with experience of working with clay can benefit from using a pottery making kit. These tools and materials allow you to experiment and explore different techniques without having to worry about how much equipment you need.

Or whether you have the right types of clay.


What’s In Pottery Making?

tools found in a Pottery Making Kit for Adults


A roller is a useful tool for rolling out the clay, and there are several different types available. A ‘C’ shaped one is probably the most common type as it allows you to roll the clay from all directions, ensuring an even thickness throughout. In addition, third-hand tools come in very handy when working with clay. These are handheld tools that grip your piece of clay and hold it in place while you work with it, leaving both hands free.


Pieces are frequently deformed when being worked on so having something to support them will help keep their shape. Some pottery kits have a stand for this purpose but if yours does not there are other options available. A simple way of doing it is to place the piece on a polystyrene cup, which will keep its shape and allow you to remove the finished product easily.

Rolling pin

A rolling pin is another tool that people often make assumptions about; however, the truth is they are not an essential part of a pottery making kit for adults. They can be used if you want to make flat pieces of clay, but there are other more versatile tools out there. A good alternative is a piece of dowelling, some wooden spoons, or even a wine bottle.


The right types of clay will vary depending on what you are making and your skill level, but typically you will find that air-dry clays are a good option for beginners. They are very lightweight and easy to work with, but they need a few days to dry so it will be a while before you can use your finished products.

Other options include oil-based clays, which take less time to dry out, air-dry modelling clay, which is popular as children love playing with it, and there is even the option of using polymer clay, which allows you to make finished pieces that can be baked in a conventional oven.

It usually takes at least an hour to work with polymer clay, and it needs to be cured for roughly 30 minutes at 110 degrees Celsius before you can use your product.


Recommended Pottery Making Kits for Adults

Let us look at some of the best pottery making kits available from reliable sellers on online marketplaces such as Amazon, in a range of different styles and prices.


1. Blisstime Set of 42 Clay Sculpting Tools Wooden Handle Pottery Carving Tool Kit

Blisstime Set 42 Clay Sculpting Wooden Handle Pottery Carving Tool Kit

This Blisstime Clay Sculpting kit is a great set and easy to find on Amazon for a very good price. The kit has virtually every tool you could need, all in one place.

The tools are made from wood and metal, which makes them very sturdy. They aren’t easy to break, and they aren’t hard on my hands either. Compared to metal sculpting tools, they can be a little more difficult to clean though.

All of the tools in the Blisstime Set are easy enough for beginners to use. They have a good range of shapes that is easy enough to get the hang of after just a little bit of practice.

The Blisstime Pottery Carving Tool Kit comes with a carrying case, which makes it easy to keep track of all the tools and transport them somewhere. It is very easy to access the tools in this case.


Inexpensive – cheap enough that you won’t beat yourself up if one is lost, or takes a dive off your cluttered work surface

low-priced sculpting tool kit that includes almost every type of sculpting needle, loop, and scraper that you can imagine

great selection of tools, including a few you wouldn’t expect to find at this price range


wouldn’t say this set of tools is ‘high quality, they are way more than adequate for the beginning clay sculptor

2. ISSEVE Pottery Clay Sculpting Tools 43Pcs Double Sided Ceramic Clay Carving Tool Set

ISSEVE Pottery Clay Sculpting Tools

This sculpting tool is made up of a total number of43 pieces. The blades are made from stainless steel which can offer long-lasting durability. The handles are made from high-quality plastic which ensures your comfort in every use. The handles also have a good ergonomic design for ease of comfort while using the sculpting tools.

The set has all different types of double-ended clay sculpting tools that can be used for any type of clay you are working on, whether it’s air-dry clay, polymer clay, or even large-scale clay pieces.


comes in a reusable and durable storage case which makes organizing your sculpting tools simple (can prevent you from cutting yourself when finding the right knife in a cluttered drawer)

perfect for a beginner who is undecided


one customer said it’s not what she expected, and the bag doesn’t have the same stitching, material or even metal buttons as pictured. It also seems like a very cheap quality product for her liking

A little too weak so the tools might come loose

Things To Remember About Adult Pottery Making Kits:


A basic starter kit should include only the most essential tools needed to make good pots. The more complex kits can contain too many items, especially if the person you are buying for is a complete beginner.

Bowl of water

A small bowl of water should be provided to help keep your work surface moisture, as well as some paper towels in case any excess slip ends up on your hands. If you can add a good quality pastry brush with the kit, this will also come in useful for dusting off excess clay.

Clay cutters and rolling pins

If you are just starting in pottery making, it’s best to skip the clay cutters and rolling pins when choosing your kit. These tools can be quite tricky to master, so it is better to wait until you have had some practice before adding these in with the kit. Smoothers are a better choice as they help to shape the clay and give a smoother finish on the outside of the pot.

Tools or ingredients

As mentioned previously, you should also avoid buying kits that contain too many tools or ingredients. If your budget will stretch, it is wise to purchase separate items like rolling pins and cutters as these can be used time and time again and will be a much more worthwhile purchase.

Oil paints

A pottery making kit will allow you to make basic pots and tiles with ease, but if you want to try out more advanced techniques such as raku or creating textures on the clay surface then you should add some oil paints in with your order. These can add a very artistic element to your work and will make your finished piece stand out from the crowd.

Pots and tiles

Pots and tiles that you create using a pottery-making kit should be fired in an oven or kiln before they can be used as normal, and this is best done at home rather than by sending the pieces away to be fixed. This allows you to save money on postage costs if you order your kit online and gives you the versatility of using whatever size or design of oven you have.

Clear Instructions

Perhaps the most important part of choosing a pottery starter kit for adults is ensuring that it comes with clear instructions on how to use all the tools included. It sounds obvious, but sometimes people just assume that they will know what each tool is for or how it should be used. A simple step-by-step guide is very useful, especially if you are buying the kit as a gift for someone else.



It’s no surprise that there are so many options for pottery making kits on the market. While you might think it would be easy to find one, this is not always the case because of all the different types and brands offered. There are also some factors to consider when choosing a pottery making Kit for adults – for example how much experience do I have?

What type of clay should I use? How will my hands feel after hours in front of an oven or kiln? Will it fit into my budget? If you’re still struggling with which option best fits your needs, read our blog post again or reach out in the comments section. Happy crafting!

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