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Best Complex Model Kits for Adults

If you need an extra challenge in your life, check our in-depth review of the most complex model kits for adults you can buy this year.

If you love spending your time building a variety of models and puzzles, you must be aware of the fact that a lot of these model kits disappoint when it comes to complexity. Many model kits are not challenging and take only a mere few hours to complete. They don’t comprise enough pieces and are not suitable for people with higher building skills.

We’ve compared and shortlisted some of the most complex model kits for adults that take hours or even days to complete. These complicated and brain-teasing kits will test your limits and reward you with some of the most attractive DIY art pieces to decorate your home.

ROKR 3D Wooden Vitascope Model Kit

ROKR’s vintage model kit also helps you make a functional vitascope that you can use to project films without using batteries. A total of 183 wooden pieces are laser-cut and don’t require glue or wax to attach. The kit also provides hand crank pieces which makes a rotatable hand generator. The pieces are number-marked and assorted in a packaging box. A unique adjustable lens of about 28mm lets you change the picture quality and size. Overall, the kit lets you design more than just a standard 3D model.


  • Vintage vitascope inspired model
  • Allows you to make a functional projector
  • No glue required
  • 28mm adjustable lens


  • Some smaller pieces are very delicate

CubicFun Notre-Dame de Paris Model Kit

This kit by CubicFun is a masterpiece for people who enjoy making architectural models. It features France’s most popular Notre-Dame Cathedral. The kit consists of 293 pieces made of paper and EPS board that require a lot of patience to assemble. The window pieces are designed with an extraordinary rose pattern. You don’t require any additional tool or glue to build this historic model. The 180° rotating base allows you to view the interior design of the cathedral. A 12-month exclusive warranty is also provided with the kit.


  • Very complex cathedral model with great details
  • A high number of pieces
  • Tool-Free assembly
  • 180° rotating base
  • 12-month warranty
  • Strong yet lightweight EPS foam material


  • A bit expensive

Hobby Boss M1070/M1000 Vehicle Model Building Kit

Hobby Boss’ vehicle building kit is one of the most complex and time-consuming vehicle model kits you’ll find on the market. It’s equipped with two separate military models, including an M1000 trailer and an M1070 tractor, and both of them need to be assembled separately. The vehicle is made of the common 1:35 scale popular for military models. The 1450 pieces also consist of chains, metal parts, vinyl tires and many useful little components. Keep in mind that the wheels are not rotatable, and you won’t be able to move the truck.


  • Made of more than 1450 parts of various materials
  • Includes two military vehicles
  • Highly complex; requires days to assemble
  • A detailed instruction manual


  • Immobile wheels

LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron Race Car Kit

LEGO is an iconic brand that manufactures thousands of toys, sets and model kits for all ages. This Bugatti Chiron model is an ultimate buy or gift for a car lover that lets you design a realistic car. It’s one of the most detailed kits by LEGO, comprising around 3600 pieces. The light and dark blue-colored pieces provide an appealing look to the car. The attention to detail in this Bugatti Chiron is very impressive. All important components like rims, wheels, disc brakes, 8-speed gearbox, steering wheel and a W16 engine give it an authentic feel.


  • More than 3600 pieces
  • Consists of all the components of a real car
  • A fancy packaging box
  • Detailed assembly instructions similar to a Bugatti
  • Functional wheels, engine and gearbox


  • Not very affordable

Wood Trick Mechanical Spider 3D Model Kit

This wooden kit allows you to construct a mechanical spider model with a similar movement and shape. It consists of a gear that you can rotate to move the model for about 6-7 feet. It’s comparatively easier to assemble with only 245 pieces made of high-quality plywood. You can complete this mechanical spider within a day. It doesn’t require extra tools or glue. But it’s recommended to apply wax on the gears for smooth functioning.


  • A unique mechanical spider design
  • Resembles the spider’s movement
  • High-quality wooden pieces
  • Also includes wax along with the kit


  • Not very challenging or complex to assemble

RoWood 3D Music Box Mechanical Kit

RoWood offers a variety of wooden mechanical kits and puzzles at an affordable cost. This wooden music box kit plays one of the popular ballets called ‘Swan Lake” once you finish assembling it. It consists of a total of 315 pre-laser-cut pieces made of natural wood. The music box can also rotate while playing the ballet. As it’s a mechanical kit, you don’t require any batteries for operating the model. You can also use the picturized instruction manual if you face difficulties while assembling it. It’s a small-sized box that can easily fit on shelves or cabinets.


  • A functional wooden music box
  • Made of precisely cut thin plywood
  • Mechanical gearbox, no batteries required
  • Clear instructions with pictures
  • Highly compact


  • The thin plywood pieces are prone to accidental damages

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Model Kit

This LEGO kit is worth checking out if you’re looking to invest your time in making a huge model. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Harry Potter fan or not; this complex castle-making kit will test the limits of your creative skills. It features more than 6000 pieces along with several Harry Potter characters. The castle has a high dimension of 22 × 27 inches and takes up quite a lot of space. Which is perfect if you want to impress your family and especially your kids. It’s a great gift surprise for the holidays.

Also, make sure you keep model building organized, as it’s easy to misplace the smaller pieces. However, you can always ask for a replacement if you find any pieces missing in the kit.


  • One of the most complex kits
  • Great attention to details
  • Easy instructions
  • A lot of additional Harry Potter accessories


  • Expensive
  • Bulky, needs more space

Things to Consider When Buying a Complex Model Kit

Here are some important things a modeler should consider when looking for a complex model kit:


You can find many complex kits in variations of sizes on the marked nowadays. But it’s not the actual size of a model kit that makes it more complex. What matters is the size of the pieces that are used to make these models. Smaller pieces are often more difficult to handle and require a lot more patience to assemble than bigger pieces.


A wide range of kits mentions the scale of the model. It is a ratio that compares the size of the model to the actual real life item, machine or structure. The scale would help you to get a better idea about the dimensions of the parts included in the model, which makes it possible to design and complete your art piece with ease.

Skill Level

All popular kits are marked with a rating that demonstrates the skill level required to complete a particular model. The skill level is rated from 1 to 5. I recommend you to find kits with at least four skill-level if you’re looking for a highly complex and engaging model kit. Higher skill level kits consist of many complicated and often small size moving parts that can be difficult to assemble for a novice modeler. But that’s what we are looking for in a complex model kit in the first place, right 😉


Model Building kits comprise pieces made of a wide variety of materials. Some typical materials used to make these kits are plastic, wood, paper, foam or metal. All of the elements have some good and bad properties; so it’s best that you compare and select the material that you’re comfortable using for your specific use case.

If you are really like working with wood (like I do), then make sure you check out our guide on the best wooden clock models we reviewed recently or our review on wooden ship model kits.

Number of Pieces

Most model kits come with around 50-200 pieces and they are mostly considered beginner level models. While these can be great for starters or kids, they are not exciting enough for an expert or and adult. A challenging kit should consist of more than 300 pieces at the minimum.

You can also find few detailed model kits with thousands of pieces that take days, weeks even months to assemble (depending on your skill level, determination and how much time you dedicate to your model building hobby) .

Tools You May Need When Working With Complex Model Kits For Adults

You don’t need additional tools for model kits with low skill level ratings. However, you should have some necessary tools if you’re looking to buy a hard to build kit. Some common accessories for making complex models include a hobby knife, wax, glue, tweezers and sandpapers.

Final Words

Model-building is an exciting and effective way to improve your creative skills. Designing these attractive mechanical models could keep you engaged for a long period time. And if you enjoy the art, many advanced model kits demand more efforts and are thus even more rewarding when you see the end result. It’s your creation, you’ve built it and you should be proud of your accomplishment.

So, there you go. We’ve looked at some of the most complex model kits for adults currently available in the market.

Most of the mentioned kits are rated five on the skill level rating. And if you’re a beginner modeler, please read the instructions before getting started. You may have to start over again and again if you miss a single piece or step in the manual. Hope our buying guide helped you find the perfect model kit for your needs.

Have you built a complex model kit before? Or you prefer the easier and smaller models? Let me know in the comments below.

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