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Gerber LMF II Infantry Review and Test

Gerber LMF II Infantry

We made a test and review of  gerber lmf ii infantry survival knife with deep look into features pros and cons.

With its very typical badass tactical look, the Gerber LMF II has rather a stylish profile. Although it’s strong sides should not be attributed only to the reliable blade, it still has some other advantages that deserve to be noted.

So, let’s look a bit closer at this survival knife!

Test And Review Of  Gerber Lmf Ii Infantry Survival Knife

LMF 2 is a well known survival knife made by Gerber, designed by and for the Special Forces of the US Army that focuses on efficiency and versatility. The main idea being that it can be useful in virtually any situation you may get into. Basically, what we have here is an ideal survival knife for all your outdoor activities.

It’s also a great multi-functional knife, that does not lack a sharp edge too.

While you scour searching the web for the perfect knife, it is amazing to see how much brands skimp on the quality of the name of their products, we often lose the meaning of the abbreviations they use or just don’t pay attention. Okay, so in this case LMF is for Lightweight MultiFunctional.

Or, to put it simply, this knife prides itself on being multifunctional and lightweight, duh.

Features of Gerber LMF 2

With a weight of 330 g not counting the sheath, the knife falls on the lightweight spectrum. Though, the multi functional side is far above superior to other brands! And that’s what makes up the soul and relative popularity of this knife.

The tip at the end of the handle can serve well as a hammer too, the back of the knife also acts as a glass breaker, three holes conveniently placed there serve to fix the whole on a branch to make a spear, a handy sharpener is also integrated into the knife kit… and that’s not all,  because the LMF 2 also has a combo of fixed blade and notched Blade. It is true that this mix leaves us a rather mixed feeling, but to be honest, it is a matter of personal tastes and preference.

Finally, the blade of the Gerber LMF 2 with its 4.7 mm thick and 12.5 cm long is unanimous. In question ? The very nice strength of its Stainless steel 420HC. The knife thus has a formidable thread as soon as it leaves the factory that it will be difficult to blunt despite intense use.

The handle of the Gerber LMF 2 is designed to absorb all kinds of shocks

We should mention that, the handle of this Gerber LMF 2, which may seem oversized at first glance, is actually a little gem. But it is not without imperfections either. It offers a very pleasant rubber grip, since it adapts and fits well to the hand, while being very resistant to wear and damage. Most importantly, beyond simple comfort, the materials used allow shock absorption. Overall, it’s a top notch choice and so convenient in the long run!

The issue of shocks is one of the hallmarks of this blade: it also absorbs electrical charges, which means that you can disconnect a cable in which electrical current flows with your Gerber infantry knife. Or, to put it another way, you save yourself a second tool dedicated also to cutting electrical wires. Not bad, eh.

But all these advantages come at a price: the materials of the handle and the knife sheath resist quite badly to strong hits carried directly on them. If you were to multiply the strikes on the rubber, it would then have a tendency to deteriorate at a rapid pace… same for the plastic guard.

The Gerber company carries a story and we really like them, that is to say a family story on a background of craftsmanship. Launched in 1910 by the Gerber family, the company began by marketing a handful of handmade knives. To finally damn prosper: it claims today an annual turnover of the order of 100 million dollars…

On its website, the firm also claims to be the “largest supplier of knives” to the US Armed forces. Several of their commercially available blades seem to validate this claim, like the Gerber LMF 2 Infantry of course. So, if the world’s largest army has chosen to trust them, chances are their products will be of good quality, right ?

Our Honest Opinion On Gerber Lmf 2 Infantry Survival Knife


Gerber Lmf Ii Infantry Survival Knife


If you are in some kind of trouble or extreme situation, then you certainly need the Gerber LMF 2 Infantry knife. This is the knife to get you out of it. Frankly, we wonder what this knife can’t do. Yeah, it’s a good advertising slogan, isn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what it feels like to operate with that knife, once it’s in your hand. And, apart from the fragility of the handle and a little additional weight that normal knife, we have nothing to complain about this blade, it’s really badass ;-).

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, it gets even better. The LMF II comes with a really awesome sheath that has 3 retention points, making it ready for action. It comes with several types of cleats so it can be attached to leg, thigh, belt, vest/jacket etc. the sheath is fire resistant, which is also great.

The best thing about this sheath is its built-in sharpener. You don’t have to worry about forgetting it when you go out on the field because it’s always with you when you carry this knife.

Gerber LMF 2 Features and Key Advantages

The functionality and versatility of the LMF II allow it to adapt to various situations and, while great for pilots, it is also fully functional on the ground. From the blade, this Infantry knife is equipped with a fixed blade of 12.3 cm. It is not huge, is more than enough to do the job.


Again, the toothed part of the knife was another feature that many testers considered negative. This toothed edge is not only designed to cut a metal shell of a helicopter, but it is also added to the blade as it can be used to easily cut harnesses, seat belts, ropes and many other materials. Overall, the serrated edge is very sharp and will not be dull easily, so it does not need to be sharpened often, if not at all.

Although this feature was considered negative, it’s actually one of the things that makes this knife so adaptable to every situation.

Going to the weight of the knife, it weighs 323 g and 680 g with the sheath. An advantage for this type of weight is that your cutting through metal or wood for shelters or fires does not require a significant effort to accomplish these tasks. Also, when you use the knob as a glass breaker or skull crusher, the weight of this knife gives you extra strength to your shot.

Unique handle design

The handle is made of glass-filled nylon that has been molded with POS to ensure grip and to reduce the amount of blisters on your hands while using the knife. Although this review is written about the Infantry model which is in black, there are different options such as green (asek model), Brown coyote ( Survival model ) and black (Infantry model ).

On the handle, there are also holes that allow this blade to be attached to a stick, pole or stick to serve as a spear. It may not seem like much, but in a situation where you have to stab something outside the arms, it will go a long time. Although on the subject of additional features, the LMF II also has an infrared-resistant coating that allows this knife not to be detected by your opposition.

Knife Pommel

Another aspect of the LMF 2  handle is the pommel. Gerber equipped the knob of the knife with a glass grinder / skull butt. This pommel is made sharp and allows this knife to be used as a hammer too. It was included and intended to break Plexiglas helicopter cockpit windshields, but was actually used to break walls and hammer much stronger materials than plexiglas acrylic windows.

One last thing to note about this knife is the reinforcement which is also made on Overmoulded TPV. Not only does this reinforcement contain two holes that allow the blade to be used as a spear, but it also contains a protection that is grooved for extra protection and grip. The grooved part of the guard is also imitated on the tip of the handle for a non-slip grip and complete hand protection during vigorous use of the knife.

The Knife Sheath

Finally, what a knife test would be without mentioning the sheath. The LMF II sheath is made of nylon. It is easily attached to a thigh or leg with two straps, but it is also compatible with MOLLE which allows it to be attached to a vest or other component. The safety of the knife in this sheath is what makes it inconspicuous. This sheath limits noise and movement that allows it to be worn in difficult situations that require caution and precision.

In conclusion

The Gerber LMF II Infantry knife is designed for use in the outdoor activity and extreme environments. It is tough and robust which is ideal for combat situations and is designed to operate in all situations. The knife can take quite a lot of heavy beating actually, before it starts to show any signs of  wear. For the price you would pay, this is a knife that you can count on in any situation.

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