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Best Large Scale Battleship Model Kits in 2024

Is there anything more awe-inspiring than watching a colossal battleship gracefully traverse the open seas, its cannons booming in righteous fury? For model enthusiasts of all ages, such a sight is recreated with stunning realism in large scale battleship model kits.

These impressively sized models can be seen as miniature works of art as well as historically accurate representations of some of naval history’s most famous vessels.

Whether you are new to the hobby of scale ship modelling or are a seasoned pro, there is something undeniably captivating about assembling and painting a large-scale battleship model kit. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what makes these kits so special and how you can get started on your own project today.

So, What’s the Deal with The Battleship Model Kits?

Large scale ship model kits have been around for a very long time. They first started being produced somewhere in the 20th century and since then, there have been many companies that have released their own line of warship models. Most of these model ships are from the World War II era as those were the highest selling ones with some still being produced today. Model ship kits are usually made all out of plastic or metal and most people buy them to display them in their own home with the bonus of giving the collector something constructive to do.

Generally, they come in various scales, but this mainly depends on what ship is being constructed. Even nowadays there are ships that can be bought in the 1/2000 scale which is the smallest of scales, but there are also some ships that can be bought in up to 1/350 scale. There are also old kits still being made for the larger ship models which can be obtained in up to 1/700 scale. However smaller scales than this are not usually available since they would not look as good in comparison with the larger versions.

What are These Large Battleship Model Kit Used For?

These kits are typically used by ship modelers known as “warship enthusiasts” or just simply “ship modelers”. They recreate scale versions and even rc models of famous and historically significant ships. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including entertainment (the pleasure and fun of it), education (teaching and researching), advertising (promoting a company, product, idea, or concept), visual artistry (sculpture and artistic expression) among others.

Types of Ship Model Kits

Large Scale Battleship Model Kits

There are different kinds of ship model kits that can be categorized based on: scale, type of ship they represent, manufacturer/distributor, and subject.

Scale – models can be categorized based on the size of their representation in relation to full-sized ships. Since the large scale is generally considered 1/96, many model kits are at this scale or multiples thereof.

Types of Ships – models can represent different types of ships as including battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, transport ships, or tankers. There are kits that represent a single ship type and others that have different types of ships mixed for a greater variety of subjects. For example, most WW2 warship model kits usually come with at least one battleship and a couple of smaller ships like a destroyer or carrier.

Manufacturers/Distributors – there are a lot of companies that manufacture and/or distribute ship model kits, but the two most popular ones in the market today are Revell (USA) and Tamiya(Japan).

Subject – while the subject varies from one scale to another, large scale tends to represent famous or historically significant ships. For example, WW2 warships, modern US nuclear aircraft carriers, and even modern submarines.


Best Large Scale Battleship Model Kits in 2022


1. Battleship Kit By Tamiya 78025 (Yamato Model)

A long-time favorite of many ship modelers, the Tamiya 1/700 scale waterline series is both impressive and easy to assemble. The entire process of putting together this kit can be completed in less than 10 minutes; anyone who has put together this kit knows what we are talking about! It has been given rave reviews by both modelers and magazines alike.

Large Scale Battleship Model Kits

This great plastic battleship model from Tamiya is a 1/700 scale replica of the Japanese battleship Yamato, which served as Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto’s flagship during the Battle of Midway.

The box art that fronts this model kit boasts a fine depiction of the Yamato as she would have appeared during World War II, showing her underway just before the action was joined.


  • well-thought-out display base and stands about eight inches tall when assembled
  • very high casting quality, packaging, and instructions


  • price is a bit higher than expected


2. Battleship Kit By Academy USS Enterprise CVN-65 Aircraft Carrier Plastic Model 

Academy has released the newest addition to their fleet, an aircraft carrier! The world’s first nuclear-powered ship is now available for purchase. As with all Academy products this one includes missiles and other weapons that can be operated remotely.

The world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise CVN 65 is a stunning display of technological prowess and engineering. The CIWS for self-defence system combined with anti-aircraft missiles provide this ship complete protection from any incoming threats to ensure that it can continue its mission without fear!

Large Scale Battleship Model Kits

The kit is made up of one piece which you must glue together, but it contains small pieces that you will have to assemble yourself. This includes antennas, radar screens and missiles ready to be launched. If you are a fan of military vehicles or vehicles in general, this product might interest you.


  • looks like the real thing: 1:600 scale
  • the aircrafts are not that bad either because they look quite realistic


  • the parts are very fragile, they break easily if you try to cut them without swearing at the top of your lungs
  • expensive price


3. Battleship Model Kit By Trumpeter USS Missouri BB-63 

Are you a fan of battleships? Do you like spending time building models? If so, you’ll love the Trumpeter USS Missouri BB-63 model kit. This beautifully crafted replica of one of the most famous battleships in naval history is sure to provide hours of enjoyment. Featuring intricate details and stunning realism, this model kit is sure to impress any enthusiast.

The Mighty Mo is one of the most detailed and realistic kits in the 1:700 scale. This battleship has everything you need to build an accurate model, from its detailed deck work with engraved planks texture all the way down into individual fittings for weapons on each vessel!

This is a great kit for Revell Germany to release. There are many battleship models available, but the Russian battleships are few and far between. I have built other Revell Germany kits of this era so I was interested in how it would turn out.



  • the hull is very detailed and looks like the real one massive main turret with a perfect arc shell tray with 4 pivot points


  • some small metal parts (0.3g) that were bent during shipping only 3 included screws only one tow cable two extra guns that I hope to use in the future but not sure how to put them in
  • the model does not have a stand or name

4. Battleship By Revell Germany Russian WWI Gangut Model Kit 

If you’re a fan of naval history, then you’ll love the Revell Germany Russian WWI Gangut Battleship Model Kit. This highly detailed model is perfect for hobbyists and history buffs alike. at 1:350 scale, it’s capable of making an impressively realistic replica of the original ship. Plus, with its easy-to-follow instructions, even beginners can create a masterpiece!

Large Scale Battleship Model Kits

So, if you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding new project, be sure to check out the Revell Germany Russian WWI Gangut Battleship Model Kit. You won’t be disappointed!


  • looks amazing
  • the real deal


  • not quite for beginners
  • serious price tag
  • poor fit of parts

If you are into WW2 RC models you will probably enjoy playing around with these large scale tank models or even the pro edition of henglong tanks. Make sure to check them out.

Things To Remember When Buying Large Scale Battleship Model Kits

1. Some kits require you to use CA GLUE (Cyanoacrylate) and it can be very dangerous if used improperly.

2. Other kits require ‘putty’ to fill gaps and seams just like the real ship. This may take time and skill, so practice first on a kit that does not have as many parts.

3. If you are not experienced with large kits, do NOT rush yourself! Take your time and enjoy the experience, don’t become overwhelmed.

4. The more expensive kits come with PE (photo-etch) metal parts that look authentic but can be challenging to keep straight and may require special tools for bending.

5. Kit instructions can be very confusing and not completely accurate at times. I encourage you to research the real ship online, most photos of notable ships are available if you know where to look (Google images is a great place).


Is it worth buying?

Well, this is the question of the year. Now depending on who you are talking to, you will get different answers. Some of them might say they are worth it because it’s big, some people might say it’s not worth it for any amount of money. But one thing is certain, there are many of us out there who just must have the BIGGER AND MORE EXPENSIVE SHIP MODELS!

Now, imagine having this impressive beast in your living room:

Large Scale Battleship Model Kits

Regardless of price, size, or scale, every modeller has their own personal preference. Some prefer 1/700 scale, some go for 1/350 scale, some go for smaller scales like 1/350 and there are even those who build ships in larger scales like 1/400, 1/350,1/200, etc.

And then you have us who are crazy enough to even go for the slightly larger scales like 1/650 or big scales like 1/400 or above!

Have you built battleship models before? If so, share your experience and advice with us. Or if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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