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Best Pencils for Drawing Anime in 2023

Best Pencils for Drawing Anime
Dominic manga drawing

Anime and manga drawing is an art that requires great precision and skills. You don’t need to buy a particular tool to be a good mangaka, but it’s always better to find products that fit your drawing style. Especially when it comes to what pencils you use, it could make a huge difference in what result you’ll eventually see.

So, you first want to make sure you pick the best pencils for drawing anime and manga, then pick the right paper and have the proper(quiet) setting that will allow you to draw your manga masterpiece.

The right set of tools would make the job a lot easier for an artist.

A pencil is an essential tool that helps you lay the basic foundation of any art. Drawing pencils are available in a wide range of shades, grips, and materials. In this article, we’ll review some of the best pencils for drawing anime and help you find the ideal products to create striking anime sketches.

Best Pencil kits For Drawing Manga

Prismacolor Premier Graphite Pencils with Erasers & Sharpeners

Prismacolor Premier Graphite Pencils with Erasers & Sharpeners

Prismacolor’s premium pencil set offers 18 sturdy graphite pencils, which are very hard to break. These pencils are classified into three categories named turquoise, water-soluble, and wood pencils. The turquoise and wood graphite makes it easier to draw light as well as dark shades, and the water-soluble pencils provide a unique watercolor wash to your sketches. The vinyl and kneaded eraser undo all minor or major mistakes effortlessly. A steel sharpener and a sanding board is also including in the pencil box.


  • Suitable for beginners as well as professional manga artists
  • Three styles of light and dark graded pencils
  • Tough construction, harder to break
  • Three exclusive water-soluble pencils
  • It also includes a sharpener and erasers


  • The magic rub eraser’s not very effective


You can also check these manga dedicated colored pencils from Prismacolor

Castle Art Supplies Graphite Drawing Pencils and Sketch Set

Castle Art Graphite Drawing and Sketch Pencils Set

Castle Art manufactures this ultimate set for artists who are completely invested in sketching. The set also comprises four pastel and three charcoal pencils along with 12 grades of graphite pencils. The broad selection of soft and hard pencil types are useful for several drawing techniques. You can also use charcoal and graphite willow sticks for hatching and blending.

Other important accessories include a couple of sharpeners and erasers, a sanding paper block, a rubber blender, and two blending stumps. A durable zip-up case allows you to carry and store the tools conveniently.


  • A total of 40 tools to help you draw anime
  • Wide range of charcoal, pastel, and graphite pencils
  • Bunch of additional accessories
  • Easy to organize with a huge zip-up case


  • A little expensive

Arrtx 29 Pieces Professional Sketching & Drawing Pencil Kit

Arrtx 29 Pieces Professional Sketching & Drawing Pencil Kit

This 29-piece pencil kit by Arrtx is an impressive budget pick for beginner mangakas. It comprises 18 breakage-resistant graphite pencils, three types of charcoal, and erasable pencils made of soft rice paper. It doesn’t include a standard sharpener, but you’ll find two types of erasers and a unique craft knife to sharpen the pencils. Another highlight of the kit is its distinct canvas rolling pouch with 39 slots to store all your pencils and erasers. Overall, it’s a good starter kit for novice anime artists.


  • Durable pencils made of high-quality material
  • Three erasable pencils
  • A craft knife is a great addition to the kit
  • It comes with a rolling pouch for easy storage


  • No standard sharpeners are provided in the kit

Tips to Draw Stunning Anime/Manga Art with a Pencil or Pen

manga drawing with a pen kit
dominic manga drawing with pen

Here are some easy tips to get better at drawing attractive manga:

  • Research about the character – Anime characters are extraordinary, and you need a deep understanding of a character’s anatomy and body shape to draw a perfect piece of art. It’s recommended to study your character’s features before getting started.
  • Focus on Faces – An anime sketch is not appealing if the character’s face portrays little to no expression. Minor detailing on the face can make a huge difference in the art.
  • Keep Experimenting – It’ll get boring if you keep drawing pencil sketches. Try to experiment and utilize other tools like inks, markers, or watercolors to improvise your skills. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with new drawing styles.
  • Keep it Simple – Remember, your anime sketch doesn’t have to be perfect. Don’t compare your art with others; strive to learn new things with every art you create.

Other Important Supplies Needed to Create Anime Drawings

It’s not possible to complete an anime sketch with a couple of mechanical or graphite pencils. We need several other supplies to create attractive art pieces. Some other essential tools you require to draw anime include various types of drawing papers, color pencils and markers, black and white inks, a set of nibs, pen holders, and a wide range of soft paintbrushes. Every tool we’ve mentioned is just as important as a pencil to create a masterpiece.

Final Words

Many professional artists prefer using only a few selected products to draw sketches. Picking a range of favorites increases confidence and helps you concentrate without worrying about the tools. We’ve listed some of the best pencils for drawing anime and other various designs. These sturdy graphite pencils will last longer than normal ones and provide you with more grading options to draw detailed and attractive art pieces.

Whether drawing is your hobby or you are just dipping your toes into the manga world, a dedicated drawing pencils kit is the perfect gift you can give to yourself or your loved ones. Especially if you take into account the upcoming holidays. So, plan your gift shopping list ahead of time ;-).

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