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Best Jigsaw Puzzles Brands for 2023

Best Jigsaw Puzzles Brands

If you are tired of playing online games or watching movies, and want a new hobby, especially during the lockdowns these days, puzzles seem to be the right fit! Not only do they keep your brain busy but also, they help you improve your memory and spatial skills.

Not sure which puzzle is right for you? The list below will fairly help you in finding the one:

Best Jigsaw Puzzles Brands To Choose From In 2022

Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle:

Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle

Ravensburger is a high-quality puzzle brand for several legit reasons. Be it the box, thickness, and color of the pieces, or the image reproduction. The quality speaks of itself! Each of the puzzles in the catalog features unique images without compromise on the quality.


  • Good quality and thick pieces
  • Grid-cut pieces with a variety of shapes
  • Puzzle pieces interlock well
  • Image quality is fresh offering a wide range of images
  • Catalog inside the box

Cobble Hill Jigsaw Puzzles:

Cobble Hill Jigsaw Puzzle

Cobble Hill, a Canadian puzzle brand, offers quality puzzles with sturdy boxes. The box includes all the essentials such as a small poster, thick puzzles, and random piece cut. The image quality is excellent and you don’t miss a single detail. Best for those looking for landscape, nostalgic, wildlife, or collage puzzles. It also offers some illustrated and cartoon puzzles.


  • Sturdy rectangular box with a smooth finish
  • Consistent package design and can be shelved easily
  • No bent pieces, puzzle sits flat
  • Random cut pieces and fit tightly
  • Grid-cut pieces (while some are not)
  • Bright colors and easy to find border pieces


  • Year of production not included on the box
  • A significant amount of puzzle dust
  • Not as thick as Ravensburger puzzle
  • Few pieces are visibly smaller

Clementoni Jigsaw Puzzles:

Clementoni Jigsaw Puzzle

Italian puzzle brand, Clementoni, brings a good-quality puzzle with sturdy boxes. Like any quality puzzles, this brand also has smooth-finished and thick puzzles. Images and piece cut seems to be more traditional. With Clementoni, you will find scenic puzzles, fine arts, puppies and kittens, and wildlife images.


  • Image quality is good
  • Can be shelved however you prefer
  • Fully separated pieces and easy to lift and fit
  • Feel good in hands, with a nice finish
  • Standard grid with a variety of shapes
  • Crispy images with no image peel
  • Large puzzles range from 3000 to 13200 pieces


  • Puzzles are a bit smaller than average


Falcon Puzzles:

best Falcon Puzzles

An old English puzzle brand, Falcon (now owned by Jumbo) was established in the 18th century. Given its origin, the images are focused on traditional English sceneries. Although, an old brand, Falcon has not compromised on quality! Their image quality, look, and feel are similar to Ravensburger. In addition to a few regular releases, their product line also features an annual Christmas special edition.


  • Sturdy boxes that last for years
  • Even surface with no image lift
  • Provide company and other products information on the back
  • Nicely bagged puzzles with image poster and catalog
  • No puzzle dust
  • Thick puzzles and feel dense in hands
  • Standard grid cut, along with different shapes
  • Interlock very well!


  • Image reproduction on puzzles is not very sharp
  • Image variety is limited to landscapes or nostalgia

Jigsaw Puzzles by Buffalo Games:

Jigsaw Puzzles by Buffalo Games

Buffalo Games, a US puzzle brand, comes with good quality puzzles like others on the list. Although, puzzles are a bit smaller in size with standard grid-cut, however, there is a fairly large variety in shapes. If you are more into landscape paintings and mosaic images, Buffalo Games can be the best bet and light on your pocket!


  • Sturdy box and high-end looking product design
  • Small poster of puzzles inside
  • No puzzle dust, or image lift
  • Strong colors, semi-glossy colors with a high-resolution image
  • Nicely thick, fully separated pieces
  • Easy to fit


  • Significantly smaller size puzzles (8”x8”)
  • Not good for people with weak eyesight
  • Sealed box from all the four sides making it impossible to open without damaging it
  • No bagged puzzles

Best Jigsaw Puzzles Brands For Adults

Best Jigsaw Puzzles Brands For Adults

Bits and Pieces Puzzles:

Bits and Pieces Puzzles

Bits and Pieces, a US puzzle brand, has high-quality puzzles, although the boxes are not that strong! The puzzles come with usual shapes, but with fairly good color images, perfect fit, and shapes. You will really feel challenging and fun to put the pieces together. Moreover, they publish their catalog regularly.


  • Unique box design with a wide range of colors
  • A large and clear image of the puzzle
  • Easy to shelve
  • Boxes have the artist’s name on the front
  • Puzzles are bagged with nearly no dust
  • Well-separated puzzles
  • Thick and feel good when you put the pieces together
  • Uniquely-shaped
  • Size larger than Ravensburger
  • They interlock strongly and don’t fall off when you lift them up
  • Image reproduction is sharp and clear



  • Boxes are light-weight; the bottom is secured with tape!

Sunsout Jigsaw Puzzles:

Sunsout Jigsaw Puzzles

The puzzles from Sunsout are quite thick, but the boxes are weak, oversized, and not sturdy. They are poorly designed. However, the puzzles are of good quality with a high-resolution image. The shaped puzzles are lesser in quality as compared to Bits and Pieces but come with a wide variety of them.


  • Fairly-thick puzzles similar to Bits and Pieces but slightly thinner than Ravensburger
  • Feel very good while you put them together
  • Bagged puzzles with warranty info inside
  • Come as both shaped and rectangular having a wide variety of shapes
  • A sturdy bag with no puzzle dust
  • Pieces are full-separated
  • Perfectly fit together without any confusion
  • Pieces are held together well when you pick the puzzles up
  • Perfect image resolution and reproduction with sharp colors


  • Shaped puzzles can look messy and over-crowded with un cohesive image quality
  • Some hanging chads and rough corners making separation less smooth
  • Oversized boxes consume a lot of storing space (12.5”x12.5”)
  • Weak boxes especially from the bottom
  • Not professional-looking boxes

Our Verdict:

Puzzles are great fun to work with! Each brand listed above has some pros and cons. But we liked Bits and Pieces most. However, it depends on your individual preference and comfort that ultimately decides which one to go for.

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