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Best Paint By Numbers For Beginners

best paint by numbers for beginners

Paint By Numbers – Ultimate Buying Guide For Beginners

One of the best hobbies for creative-minded people is painting. The best way to channel your creative spirits is to let them flow through colors on paper or canvas. Paint by numbers is a fun and systematic way of creating excellent artwork to display in your home.

Paint by numbers seems difficult and complicated if you have never tried it. However, it takes a few times of practice to become an expert. Once you learn how to proceed, it’s as interesting as a puzzle, and the results stun you. You will be surprised to see your painting, and we bet it would be difficult to stop marveling at it.

This short guide will take you through some of the best paint by numbers for beginners to create brilliant artworks to display. Know how to select the best paint by numbers kits as a beginner and become a pro in no time.

So, Where should you start with paint by numbers?

Starting with paint by numbers can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Choose Your Kit(see our list below):
    • Select a paint by numbers kit that interests you. Consider factors like the complexity of the design, the size of the canvas, and the quality of materials included in the kit.
    • For beginners, it’s often recommended to start with a smaller, simpler design to familiarize yourself with the process before tackling more intricate projects.
  2. Prepare Your Workspace:
    • Find a well-lit and comfortable area to work in.
    • Cover your workspace with newspaper or a plastic tablecloth to protect it from paint spills.
    • Ensure that you have enough space to lay out your canvas and painting supplies.
  3. Organize Your Materials:
    • Lay out all the materials included in your kit: canvas, paints, brushes, and instructions.
    • Familiarize yourself with the numbered sections on the canvas and corresponding paint pots.
  4. Read the Instructions:
    • Take some time to carefully read through the instructions provided with your kit.
    • Pay attention to any special techniques or tips provided for painting, mixing colors, and cleaning brushes.
  5. Start Painting:
    • Begin by painting one numbered section at a time.
    • Match the number on the canvas with the corresponding number on the paint pot.
    • Use the brushes provided to fill in each section with the corresponding color.
    • Start with lighter colors and work your way to darker shades to avoid accidentally smudging the paint.
  6. Take Breaks:
    • Painting by numbers can be a relaxing activity, but it’s essential to take breaks to rest your eyes and prevent fatigue.
    • Step away from your painting periodically to stretch and refresh your mind.
  7. Be Patient and Enjoy the Process:
    • Painting by numbers is as much about the journey as it is about the finished product.
    • Embrace any imperfections or mistakes along the way as part of the learning process.
    • Take your time and enjoy the meditative experience of filling in each section of the canvas.
  8. Finish and Display Your Artwork:
    • Once you’ve completed all the numbered sections, allow your painting to dry thoroughly.
    • Consider adding a layer of clear varnish or sealer to protect the finished painting.
    • Frame your completed masterpiece and display it proudly in your home or give it as a thoughtful gift to friends or family.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the creative process as you bring your paint by numbers masterpiece to life!

Is paint by numbers a good way to learn to paint?

Yes, paint by numbers serves as a helpful introduction to painting for beginners. It provides a structured and guided approach to learning basic painting techniques, such as color mixing, brushwork, and canvas manipulation. The numbered sections on the canvas simplify the painting process, making it accessible and less intimidating for newcomers. While paint by numbers may not offer the same level of creative freedom as freehand painting, it fosters confidence and provides a foundation for further exploration and experimentation in the world of art.

Is paint by numbers a good hobby?

Paint by numbers can be a fantastic hobby for people of all ages and skill levels. It offers several benefits:

  1. Relaxation and Stress Relief: Engaging in paint by numbers can be a calming and meditative activity, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.
  2. Creativity: While paint by numbers provides a structured framework, there’s still room for creativity within the confines of the design. You can experiment with color choices, blending techniques, and even add personal touches to make the painting your own.
  3. Accessible: Paint by numbers is accessible to beginners and doesn’t require prior artistic experience. The numbered sections guide you through the painting process, making it easy to understand and follow.
  4. Sense of Accomplishment: Completing a paint by numbers project provides a tangible sense of accomplishment. Seeing the finished artwork, whether it’s a simple landscape or a detailed portrait, can be incredibly rewarding.
  5. Social Activity: Paint by numbers can also be a fun activity to enjoy with friends or family members. You can work on projects together, share tips and techniques, and even host paint by numbers parties or gatherings.

Overall, paint by numbers offers a fulfilling and enjoyable hobby that allows anybody to express their creativity, unwind, and create beautiful artworks.

Is painting by numbers good for your brain?

Well, it won’t make you a genius or a pro artist instantly, but painting by numbers can be beneficial for the brain in several ways:

  1. Cognitive Skills: Following the numbered sections and matching colors requires cognitive engagement, including attention to detail, concentration, and visual perception. This can help improve cognitive skills and mental acuity.
  2. Stress Reduction: Engaging in a creative activity like painting by numbers can help reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. It provides a mindful experience that allows individuals to focus on the present moment and temporarily escape from worries or stressors.
  3. Fine Motor Skills: Painting by numbers involves using brushes to apply paint to specific areas of the canvas. This helps improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, particularly important for individuals of all ages.
  4. Creativity: While paint by numbers provides a structured framework, there’s still room for creativity within the design. Choosing color combinations, experimenting with techniques, and adding personal touches can foster creative thinking and self-expression.
  5. Sense of Accomplishment: Completing a paint by numbers project provides a tangible sense of accomplishment, which can boost self-esteem and confidence. Seeing the finished artwork and reflecting on the effort put into it can be highly rewarding and satisfying.

Overall, painting by numbers offers a stimulating and enjoyable activity that provides various cognitive, emotional, and social benefits, making it good for the brain in multiple ways.

5 Best Paint By Numbers For Beginners

Here are 5 of the best paint by numbers kits for beginners.

1.      Diy paint by number kits for kids – Beautiful flowers 


If you are looking for the best paint by numbers for beginners, you must try this painting that is easy enough for kids. It comes with easy to follow instructions to help you paint these beautiful flowers on canvas.

18 acrylic colors and 3 sizes of brushes come with the set, along with one non-numbered color for the shadow part. The colors are bright and decent enough with good coverage for a beautiful painting to emerge at the end of the process.

Overall, this is a wonderful paint by number kit, to begin with, and doesn’t take forever to finish.




  • Easy enough for beginners.
  • No need to mix colors.
  • The colors are decent.
  • Value for the price.



  • The brushes in the kit could have been better.

2.      Sunflowers Paint by Numbers 


This is a DIY oil painting set for both kids and adult beginners.

The colors are bright, varied, and vivid. The fade-proof colors give you good coverage and give a wonderful finishing. Besides, they are not synthetic or toxic and are made from safe, green materials.

Finish the painting, and you will feel proud of yourself for painting this stunning work. With a little patience and concentration, you can be ready with this beautiful artwork. Hang it on the living room wall or gift it to some dear one and earn praises galore.




  • The colors are bright and do not fade.
  • Easy for beginners.
  • Brushes are durable and come in different sizes.
  • Plenty of colors in the boxes.



  • The canvas comes folded, and thus, may have creases.


3.      DIY Oil Painting Newsight Paintworks 

This is an exquisite piece of art for beginners of all ages that would give you the perfect satisfaction of your painting. It’s fun and relaxing to paint the picture and let your creative instincts flow.

There is no need to blend or mix the colors as you get deeply pigmented enough paints to work with. Just one coat of paint is enough to paint a vivid painting to adorn your wall.

Let your brain relax with this interesting way to paint. Hang the pop art, brightly hued cat as the perfect home decoration item.



  • Comes at a great price.
  • Deeply pigmented hues.
  • Enough colors in the box.
  • No need to mix paints.
  • Very easy for beginners.



  • The brushes could have been better. It’s best to buy another set of brushes for the painting.


4.      KOSE Paint by Numbers – Beach Hawaii

Want to see a refreshing landscape of Hawaii hanging on your walls? Why not paint it yourself?

This paint by numbers kit comes with 3 different sized paintbrushes and a complete set of vivid colors. Just follow the instructions to end up with a vibrant painting of a scene from Hawaii’s beaches.

It is large and looks complicated, but it makes an excellent starter pack for beginners. This is a must-try to kindle your artistic interests.

Complete the painting to marvel at this wonderful wall art that you have just created from scratch. The end product is so rewarding and satisfying that it will leave you praising your own abilities.



  • Best quality canvas.
  • Very rewarding painting.
  • Vivid colors.
  • Makes a beautiful wall art.
  • Not challenging for beginners.


  • Brushes are not of great quality.


5.      Paint by Numbers Kit for Adults Beginner

Release your stress with this beautiful paint by numbers kit that will leave you with an amazing pop art owl to adorn your home. It also makes the perfect gift for your dear ones on all occasions.

The kit comes with 12 colors and 3 brushes of different sizes to help you complete the entire painting. The boxes have enough amount of paint to finish the picture without running out of supplies. Even though you may be apprehensive seeing the complicated picture, it is easy to follow, and the owl you slowly complete over the weeks makes you feel proud of yourself.

The only downside is that you need to apply each coat twice or thrice to get the pigmentation right.


  • Good enough for beginners of all ages
  • Perfect for hobby and enjoyment
  • No need to mix the colors.
  • Comes at a decent price.


  • Low coverage.

Painting by numbers is a systemized way of painting where an image is divided into boxes of various shapes and sizes. Each box is marked by a specific number that matches the number on a specific color box in the set. All you need to do is fill up that specific box with the corresponding color and see the painting emerging as a masterpiece.

How To Choose A Beginner’s Kit

Here are some tips for choosing the best paint by numbers for beginners:

Simple pictures

As a beginner, you should choose simple pictures because it would be easier to follow and paint them for the first time. Choose pictures with larger and simpler figures or objects than those that have intricate detailing and shading.

Easy to follow manual

Choose kits that have an easy manual to guide you through the process and the numbering. Some kits have primary colors corresponding to the numbers on the picture and some secondary colors, which you need to mix by following the manual. For instance, the manual may ask you to mix colors 1 and 2 to get color 11 on the picture.

As a beginner, try to go for sets that let you paint without having to mix colors. Once you understand the process, you can move to a more elaborate set that requires you to mix colors for shading. So, in such case paint by number kits for beginners or adults: with no mixing are a perfect choice.

Type of colors

When you are painting for the first time with paint by number kits, it is important to check the medium. These are mostly available in acrylic and oil colors. Oil painting can be challenging for beginners and need a bit of practice before aptly handling them. Beginners should go for acrylic paints as they are easy to handle and dry really fast.

Quality of paints and brushes

Quality of paints and brushes in paint by numbers kit

While choosing the best paint by numbers for beginners, do not get fooled by the budget only. Check the reviews about the quality of the paints and the brushes. Runny or too dry consistency of paints and scattered, cheap quality brushes will spoil your efforts and make you disappointed with this amazing form of art.

Tips for using paint by numbers

  • It is always best to use a primer on your canvas for better coloring before you start.
  • Stretch the canvas on a frame before painting.
  • Start with coloring the background of your painting and then move on to the major figures or objects.
  • Start with a number and color all the boxes with the color corresponding to that number before moving to the next number.
  • Always move from top to bottom.
  • Let each freshly painted area dry before moving onto the next number.
  • Always use clean brushes to paint with each color.
  • Be careful while painting within a box and try to remain within the lines.
  • If a box has two numbers mentioned in it, mix the colors of those two corresponding numbers with a separate brush and paint those areas.


If you enjoy painting by numbers and want to try something slightly different but as satisfying then check out our guide on the best markers for coloring books for adults.


Practice and focus are the two things you need to get started with paint by number kits. There is always a beginning, and once you make a great start, the creative interests take you on the journey to become a master at it.

There isn’t anything as satisfying as looking at the fantastic picture put together after you have successfully painted all the numbered boxes. We hope these beginners’ kits helped you to paint your first masterpiece.

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