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Best Markers for Coloring Books for Adults – A Complete Guide

Best Markers For Adult Coloring Books
Check our guide to find how to choose the best markers for coloring books for adults and have some fun at home

One of the best stress-busters for creative people is painting and coloring. But cheap coloring pens and sketch pens for kids are just not enough to satisfy adult painters. You can find a stark difference in colors, texture, and blending capability once you shift to the best markers for coloring books for adults. I’m sure once you try it you won’t look back.

There are several markers in the market, and most of them may be pretty worthless. Finding the best markers for coloring books for adults is not as easy as it seems. You can easily get confused by the tons of options available online.  But, we got you covered as we will help you find your way …out there.

This short guide will introduce you to some of the most beautiful adult coloring markers with vibrant hues and super blending powers.

5 Best Marker Pens For Adult Coloring Books

Here are some of the best from the best markers and pens, selected for our readers:

1.      Caliart 34 Dual Brush Pens Art Markers

caliart 34 brush pens - best markers for coloring books for adults

If you are looking for a beautifully vibrant coloring set at an affordable price, Caliart 34-set Brush Pens is the ideal choice. By our verdict, this is an equally good choice for beginners.


The set has 34 dual tip brush markers, giving you a brush pen on one side and an ultra-fine tip pen on the other.


Use the smooth brush pen for covering broader areas and the fine tip for small details. The brush pen provides excellent shading scope and blends the colors beautifully to add a special touch to your artwork. The fine tip is also commendable for sketching, doodling, etc.


The high-quality ink blends seamlessly and makes the job easy, even for beginners.




  • 34 wide range of colors and shades
  • Richly pigmented
  • Best for blending
  • Affordable price.
  • Dual tip markers.
  • Pack includes replacement tips.



  • Packaging can be better.

2.      Faber-Castel Pitt Artist Brush Pens (24 Pack)

Best Markers For Adult Coloring Books - faber castel brush pens

Faber Castel Pitt Artist is one of the most dependable coloring marker brands for artists. The brand has always been known for premium art supplies, and the artist pens are widely well-reviewed.


The pens use Indian ink, which is waterproof, light, and does not bleed. It makes the finest coloring pens.


Pitt Artist Pens 24-Pack set has a brush nib for better coloring techniques and are lovely to work with. They are richly pigmented, and the colors won’t fade easily. Packed in a handy storage case, these coloring markers are versatile in their range of colors.


These are the best pens for artists who can use them for sketching, coloring, and use them with other painting methods for mixed media.



  • Wonderful packaging
  • Richly pigmented
  • Waterproof
  • Ink does not bleed


  • Expensive


3.      Dual Markers Brush Pen

Dual Markers Brush Pen - markers for coloring books

The Dual Markers Fine Point Art Marker and Brush Pens make the perfect gift for kids, art students, and enthusiasts. They are lovely to begin with if you want to nurture your artistic skills.


The price at which you get this 36-piece coloring set is remarkable and makes a great deal. You can have brush pens and fine point tips in these dual tip art brushes, making them a convenient choice. Use the fine tip for minute doodling and sketching. It is quite useful for coloring, calligraphy, etc.


The ink consistency is good with the water-based formulation. It is not too thin to spoil your artwork. You can even use it on thinner papers without seeing the colors bleed. However, it may be difficult to blend the colors at times because of the particular consistency.



  • Best for kids and beginners
  • Affordable
  • Colors do not bleed
  • Dual tip markers
  • Easy to use even on all kinds of papers



  • Consistency makes it less easy to blend.


4.      Crayola Brush & Detail Dual Tip Markers

markers for coloring books cryola brush markers

This 32-piece coloring set with dual-tip markers from Crayola is the best for children and beginners.

It is very affordable compared to other products in the market and has a wide range of colors to start with. That’s quite a wide variety of hues to flourish your painting skills. You can find different shades in one color family for a better scope of painting.

Some coloring books are also perfectly fine for pencils, but make sure you first check the type of paper the coloring pages are made of.

The colors are not streaky and take very little time to dry. But wait till it dries to avoid streaking. The hues are richly pigmented and look bright and deep even with just one shade.



  • Huge range of colors
  • Deeply pigmented shades
  • Colors do not bleed
  • Inexpensive
  • Best for beginners



  • Dispenses ink heavily and not suited for thinner papers.


5.      Tombow Pen Dual Brush Markers

Tombow Pen Dual Brush Markers

Tombow is one of the finest brands of coloring markers. This Dual-brush marker set has an array of vibrant hues, such as, Willow Green, Imperial Purple, Reflex Blue, Hot Pink, etc.

There are 9 colors and a blender pen in the set. The flexible brush top makes the strokes medium to bold with change in pressure while the fine tip gives you consistent lines. The blender pen lets you soften the colors and blend them like watercolor. The tips self-clean after using to make your job easy.


The set is ideal for calligraphy, lettering, doodling, journaling and illustrations.



  • Bright hues
  • Dual-tip markers
  • Easily blendable
  • Self-cleaning blending brush



  • May not be very suitable for thinner papers.


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What to Look For When Buying The Best Markers For Coloring Books For Adults


Here are the things you need to check to get the best markers for your coloring books:

Range of colors

The more colors in the set, the better, If you get cerulean blue, turquoise blue, midnight blue, than just a deep blue and a sky blue, it gives you more range and creativity. Look at the label to see what colors are on offer. However, it depends on whether you want several shades in one color group or want to have more colors in one or two shades each.

Texture and vibrancy of hues

It is very disappointing if the colors look faded on the paper. Do not go for lightly pigmented markers, as they will fade away soon. The coloring texture of markers should be smooth, rich, and deeply pigmented. The uneven and rough texture will spoil your artwork. Search the best colors reading the reviews or go for a larger set only after testing the brand’s smallest set.


Price is obviously one of the most important factors to consider while making a purchase. If you have the budget to spend on the best ink quality, go for the high-end ones. But, if you are not planning to use the markers too often, it would be a waste to spend on expensive markers.


Brush tips help in coloring and shading, while fine tips are better for filling in minute detailing. It is best to go for pens with dual tips, having a brush on one side and a fine tip on another side. This saves you from buying two different kinds of markers and gives you more convenience. Also, ensure that the tips are sturdy enough for a long time and do not flatten soon.


The consistency of coloring markers should neither be too dry nor watery. If it is too dry, you won’t be able to blend the colors, and if it is too watery, the color will bleed. Cheap coloring markers tend to bleed.


Finding the best markers for coloring books for adults is essential to give shape to your artistic spirits. Take these important tips to find the best colors for your artworks among the plenty available in the market.

Our list gives you the most popular and well-reviewed products that would suit all kinds of budgets and coloring needs.

If you enjoy coloring you can also try painting by numbers which is one of my favorite hobbies to enjoy at home.

Now paint your mandalas or sketch a stunning doodle with the most competent and extraordinary coloring markers to assist you. The world can’t wait to see your creative energies abound 😉

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