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Best Doorframe Pull-Up Bar for 2023

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar

Choosing the best doorframe pull up bar for your specific needs could get quite hard, especially with the enormous diversity of models available on the market today. So, in our guide below we’ll take a closer look at the best models and how to choose the perfect one.

A pull up is one of the best upper body strength building exercises that is also very home friendly. To begin a pullup, hold onto a pull-up bar with your palms faced away from you and your body completely extended.

That’s why, picking the right doorway pull-up bar may prove to be the best decision you’ve made for the betterment of your body and mind.

Doing pullups can strengthen your back, arm, and shoulder muscles simultaneously. Doing regular pull-ups also help improve people’s grip strength which is very important when lifting weights.

It can also increase performance in a variety of activities such as golf, basketball, rock climbing, and bowling. A firm grip is often needed in everyday activities such as opening a mason jar, pulling something, holding something heavy, you get the idea.

Pullups also just happen to be one of the most beginner friendly exercises that does not need too much instructions and can be easily altered and modified for various experience levels whether you are just starting out or a bodybuilder. However, if you want to do a pull-up at home you will need a proper high-quality pull-up bar which is why in this article, we will be listing the Best Doorframe Pull-Up Bars!

Read on to learn more!

The HAKENO Fitness Pull-Up Bar

HAKENO Fitness Pull-Up Bar is perfect for anyone who is taking physical fitness very seriously and is willing to spend money to get a high-quality product in return. The HAKENO Fitness Pull-Up Bar has a 440LBS/200KG Weight capacity which is more than what most people need and provides a very comfortable and secure grip which minimizes the wrist pain and strain you get for bad quality products.

This Pull-Up Bar is also relatively easy to set-up, use and store. It also provides you with not just a Pull-Up Bar, but also a bar that can be placed on the floor that you can use for sit-ups, dips, and push-ups! So, for anyone thinking about a new addition to their equipment which offers versatile use then The HAKENO Fitness Pull-Up Bar is the choice for you!


  • Multi-purpose Bar / Offers Versatile Use
  • Easy to set-up, use, and store
  • Very High-Quality handle which removes wrist pain and strain.


  • Expensive
  • Might be too much for someone who only needs a simple pull-up bar.

IRON AGE Folding Metal Pull-Up Bar

IRON AGE Folding Metal Pull-Up Bar

If you are looking for a Pull-Up Bar that offers extreme versatility in terms of the different workouts you can perform while at the same time valuing high-quality and price. Then the Iron Age Sports Folding Metal Pull-Up Bar is for you. This Pull-up bar supports a multi-functional exercise routine since it comes with a bonus Suspension Trainer Strap that allows you to do even more things such as Push & Pull Exercises, Planks, Squat, Lunge, and Hinges. This Pull-up Bar is much very versatile and also allows you to add inverted rows, push-ups, tips and sit-ups to your workout routine.

This Pull-Up Bar also comes with Thick Foam Blocks and Additional Bumpers which provides door frame protection on both sides of the bar. The bar is ergonomically designed for maximum wide grip muscle engagement so you won’t have to worry about if your muscles will be engaged. Since it is also made of Heavy-Gauge Steel it is very strong and sturdy and can hold a maximum weight of 440lbs very safely even with high intensity workouts.

If you are someone who needs a multipurpose Pull-Up Bar which is strong and sturdy and gives maximum muscle engagement. Then the Iron Age Folding Metal Pull-Up Bar is the choice for you!


  • Ergonomically designed to maximize muscle engagement
  • Very Strong and Sturdy since it is made of Heavy-Gauge Steel
  • Provides a Multi-Purpose use and is very suitable for people with intense workout routines.
  • Only takes a few seconds to setup and take down.


  • Expensive Price
  • Cannot be put on the ground for use like Product #1

ProSource Multi-Grip Lite Pull-Up Bar

ProSource Multi-Grip Lite Pull-Up Bar

The ProSource Multi-Grip Pull up Bar is perfect for anyone wanting to travel but also wants a lightweight and relatively small pull-up bar for carry. This Pull-Up bar has a weight of 2.49 kg and its dimensions are 30.48 x 93.35 x 22.85cm. This makes it perfect for travel heavy people since it is so small and lightweight.

However small and light does not mean it gives bad quality. This Pull-Up bar is made of heavy-duty high-grade steel that is built to last and can hold up to 136kg and is designed to have a very comfortable grip which can perform wide, narrow, and neutral grip exercises. It is also very easy to use with its portable design and takes only seconds to setup and store. As with all pull-up bars it can also be used to target numerous upper body muscles by doing exercises such as push-ups, dips and hanging crunches.


  • Lightweight
  • Small in Dimensions
  • Great for anyone who travels
  • Strong and Sturdy despite being lightweight


  • Some people might like bigger and heavier options

Deluxe Comfort Pull-Up Bar


Deluxe Comfort Pull-Up Bar

Previous products on this list has been on the more expensive side of things and they are more intended for people who are taking physical fitness very seriously and is willing to spend the bucks for it. However for this item on the list we are valuing affordability over quality. This is where the Deluxe Comfort Pull-Up Bar comes into play.

This Pull-Up Bar pretty much covers all the basics such as a decent grip, build / construction, design, and functionality.

This product perfected the aspect of not being too over the top but still providing the intended functionality which is to be able to do Pull-Ups. So if you are tight in budget then this the Deluxe Pull-Up Bar will do the job just perfectly for you without burning a hole on your pocket.


  • Extremely Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Functions as intended
  • Strong and Sturdy despite its low price


  • Quality is hindered due to a lower price, but it still does the job


At the end of the day the best pull-up bar is the one that fits your needs and workout routine. Whether you are someone who travels a lot or someone just getting started you will need to be compelled to use these bars since most people buy them but never use them.

To combat this, you can setup the bar in a doorway where you use often, and you can make a rule that when you pass this doorway that you have to do a pull-up.

Personally, that is what has worked for me. Overall, these products listed should satisfy your needs depending on what type of person you are. Thanks for reading!

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