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Best Candle Making Kit For Beginners

Best Candle Making Kit For Beginners


Candles change the atmosphere of any indoor or outdoor environment. The soft flickering of the scented candle flames creates a relaxing atmosphere and adds a feeling of warmth. Especially when you have created this comfort yourself or for someone else.

No matter for whom you will create your scented candle, if you are going to make yours from scratch or you want to upgrade what you have already started, then you definitely need a candle making kit.

They come in so many different types and prices that there is literally one for everyone.

As we all know every beginning is difficult but when you have everything you need you can learn and deal with everything much easier and faster. It’s the same with making candles. You will create your favorite home accessories much faster and more enjoyable when you have them all at hand with a ready-made candle making kit.

History Of Candle Making

These have existed since ancient Roman times. In fact, this craft has been so old, useful, and handed down for generations. And this should not surprise you at all, given that candles were the main source of light until the early 1900s. But in addition to light, candles are used for religious rituals, birthdays, holidays, decorations, and countless other places.

This craft today can be your hobby to make your home even cozier or even bring you income. And if you haven’t considered buying one now is a perfect time.

But first, let us explain what a candle making kit really is. In practice – everything you need to create a beautifully scented candle. The kits vary according to the type, aroma, shape.

They would always contain everything you need. Candle molds (these are their shapes), wicks or sticks, and sometimes both. Candle kits usually also have a sealant, sometimes dyes and different scents, but they always have the right amount of wax.

What Type Of Wax To Choose For Your Candle Making Kit?

The wax of course varies according to the chosen set. Natural waxes such as soybean, rapeseed, coconut, and beeswax are the best choices for candles.

Each type of wax has different properties, which makes some better in retaining and releasing aroma while others are characterized by the fact that they burn slowly and do not smoke. For example, the bee wax is believed to have the longest burning time. Making candles with beeswax dates back thousands of years. Wax candles tend to produce a warm golden flame and burn more slowly than soy candles.

And soy wax is natural, biodegradable, and comes from a renewable source, which makes it an environmentally friendly option. The flame emitted by a soy candle tends to be cool and white-colored and mixes well with wax dyes and fragrances.

These two types of wax are also the most common in candle making kits.

Therefore, when you decide what material you will create your candles from, it is time to choose your candle making kit. In fact, here’s what to keep in mind when choosing one.

When choosing a candle making kit, first decide on the main purpose for making your candles. Will they be for decoration, will they have added aromatic oils, what will be their aroma – for soothing or refreshing. What size will your candles be and… if you will give them as a gift – in what packaging will you serve them.

You have already chosen your candle for the wax, you should choose it for the containers provided.

Candle containers and labels

Most often, candle making kits come with glass or metal containers. Or with shapes to help you create a beautiful exterior decoration for your candle. There are some kits that also come with labels for printing a phrase or listing the ingredients of candles.

Some Of The Best Candle Making Kit For Beginners You Can Find On The Market Are:

Public House Premium Soy Candle Making Kit comes in a ready-made gift box. But it is also perfect content – you can choose the scent of your candles, which will be in a luxury Amber glass container and you will create candles from high-quality soy wax. And as already mentioned – ready for a gift look.

Soy Wax DIY Candle Making Kit for Beginners

Mentioning scents… you will notice that candle making kits are often available with coordinating colors and scents of oil-based candles. Such as pairing a green dye with the scent of pine for holiday candles or a red dye with the scent of strawberries for Valentine’s candles. Many kits offer many colors and fragrances so that their creators can use additional aromatic oils or dyes to improve the look and smell of candles.

One of the disadvantages of the Public House Premium Soy Candle Making Kit that we have shown you is that the fragrances have already been selected for you and you can only choose whether to use them or not. But on the other hand, it contains absolutely everything you need, including a 1.2L Aluminum melting and pouring pot, thermometer, and bronze stirring spoon to help you create your candles.

Unlike this Complete Candle Making Kit contains not only the necessary wax, containers, and wicks, but also many fragrant options to choose from or combine. With it, you will be able to make colorful scented candles. The set comes with 4 packages of natural beeswax, candle molds with lids, ten bright wax colors – six rich aromas.

Complete Candle Making Kit for beginners

Like the first one, this kit also includes wooden stirring sticks, a wax thermometer, wicks( you can make your own candle wick at home too), and complete instructions. Self-adhesive labels are also included, which contain instructions for safe burning. But something more that you can find in this kit is the melter and the thermometer.

The smelter is especially important if you look at this hobby in the long run. You will notice that once you use a pot to melt the wax, especially if it is beeswax, it will be almost impossible to use the pot for any other purpose, as wax residue can be difficult to remove.

And so… kits like this contain special melting vessels that can be used repeatedly to melt the wax. But also, it has a thermometer that attaches to the side of the pot and this will allow you to find out when the wax has reached the optimum temperature for mixing dyes and adding fragrances.

But scents and colors are not the only accessories you can add to your candles. For example, the Peony Beeswax Candle Making Kit offers a great version of non-standard candles in containers. In addition to colors, fragrances, and different containers and with different labels, you can decorate your candles in a very original way with wax paper.

Beeswax Candle Making Kit for Adults and starters

Specifically, this set has 10 wax leaves – 2 gold, 2 white, 2 dark pink, and 2 bright pinks. With them, you will create unique-looking candles to your liking. But in addition, there are other decorations such as ribbons and wooden hearts with inscriptions to personalize your candles. And that’s what makes them perfect for a gift!

Super non-standard, these candles made of wax paper do not need to be melted, but only wound, and this is what makes them unique. On the other hand, this is not only their plus but also their minus. With the Peony Beeswax Candle Making Kit, you will not be able to fully immerse yourself in the craft of creating candles. Rather, this set is suitable for complete beginners or as a gift for someone who has not yet diversified his hobby.

Although unique, these candles are not created originally. Therefore, if you want to melt and create your candles from scratch, we recommend that you start with the classic candle making kit.

And if you want to diversify the candles you have created so far, we recommend that you start with additional accessories like wicks or various engraving tools. They can also be accessories such as pebbles, sticks, spices, and many, many more.

With them, you can make your candles so unique and beautiful. In general, they are one of the criteria by which they differ. Different in size, price and accessories included, some of the kits may even have craft value.

Apart from all these advantages of all candle making kits, perhaps the biggest thing is that they are suitable for all ages. Easy to make for the whole family – a beeswax candle making kit is a perfect craft project suitable for all ages from 8+ kids to grandparents.

Candle making kits come with step-by-step instructions, and that’s exactly what we know everyone can handle. They are great as a gift and are perfect for absolutely any occasion – from birthdays to Christmas.


Thanks to the candle making kit you can develop not only a beautiful and useful hobby but also dexterity, precision. Candle making can be therapeutic and can help you to wash away your tension and stress easily and naturally.

So if you’re wondering where to start – definitely buy a candle making kit.

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